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People who visit the organization's facilities are intended to receive food solutions from it. For instance, Jill's Table aims to provide individuals with the highest quality food as well as recipes that will enable them to prepare delectable meals. The company is still in its infancy, and it is now dealing with a number of circumstances that call for an immediate response in order to help the business prosper. Therefore, this paper seeks to point out the various growth conditions that Jill’s Table organization is being faced with and the different ways they can employ in dealing or handling the situation in a better way that will result in them making huge profits from their ventures.

To begin with, the firm has been known to have a tendency to merchandise its products in the market, which is a business condition that has to be dealt with appropriately. In doing so, the firm has to make sure that they increase their product traffic into the market. This is done in the best way to pull consumers into the business. For instance, the business should use brightly colored or decorated signs for the products they are offering to the consumers which will create a good feeling among the customers thereby making them be attracted into shopping from the firm. The firm should also be kept clean and in a well-organized manner which will encourage people to come and buy from their retail stores. They can also use proper merchandising in improving the level of sales of their goods. This will entail the firm setting the best prices, have an excellent display of their assets, package their products exceptionally, and employ the best marketing technique that is known to raise their goods (Storey, 2016). This is also known to give the buyers the best shopping experiences that will make the firm to have more buyers as compared to those of their competitors.

Secondly, the firm’s philosophy of slow and stable growth in the provision of the best products and services to the consumers is an indication of the lack of adequate information for the firm’s goods and services. It makes them to fail to attain a fast growth rate which could be a condition that is barring the organization from realizing the best returns from all its business activities in the area. Therefore, the firm should carry out sufficient research to help them figure out the best way they can improve the product as well as better the provision of services to its market while maintaining the quality of the service they are providing into the market. In that case, the firm has to set aside more funds to help them carry out studies on their market needs and the various ways they can utilize in making sure there is the stable growth of the business at a good pace. The reason is if the firm maintains its philosophy of slow and gradual increase it may end up being incompetent, which will, in turn, make the other companies to acquire more returns from their business as compared to them. This will imply that corporation may fail to grow to more significant levels because of its inability to cope up with the pace of the business is changing as well as the needs of the people.

Moreover, the firm manager Jill has fewer skills in the administration or running a retail business which could make the company fail to live up to its full potential. Therefore, Jill ought to hire experts who can manage the firm professionally and help it become competent in the market thereby making sure that the company records substantial amounts of income from its business ventures. The company also suffers stiff competition from other well-established businesses in the area, such as Amazon that has the best websites to market their goods, which significantly cuts into their market thereby making the firm to earn less income from the business. In dealing with the competition problem, the company has to use one of the products that are not being offered by the other firms. In Jill’s case, the product they can use to gain a competitive advantage over the other businesses in the same business is known as the Foie gras (Barney, 2014). It is this product that the company will use to pull customers from the other companies in the area. Moreover, the enterprise can also diversify its holdings to suit the needs of the market which will result in the consumers being satisfied by the products and services being offered in the firm, which in turn will make them always prefer buying food products from these units rather than from the other businesses. They should also modify their goods intensively so that they fit the demands of the market which will help in moving people into buying from the firm.

The firm also must develop a good business relationship with its consumer base. For instance, the company has been known to have lowered the number of gifts emails in an attempt to save more income for the business. This is a clear indication of the level two, which means there is lack of retail experience for the Jill Table Company among its workers as well as the management staff. The firm, therefore, has the duty of hiring well-trained workers who are experienced in the various fields. This will result in an improvement in the quality of the goods and services being offered to the consumers which in turn will result in the buyers being content, which has positive effects on the firm (Oliver, 2014). The firm has also been known to have a customer service that is running for six days in a week and fourteen hours a day. This could result in some of their consumers failing to reach the firm at the appropriate time thereby making them opt for another firm with better customer services which in turn has adverse effects on the firms business. In dealing with this issue, the company has to make sure that their call center has the right technology and is available at all times of the year which plays a significant role in the creation of the best business rapport between the firm and the buyer (Agnihotri, 2016). This will also help the company in gaining vital information that they can use in developing as well as refining the various goods and services they are offering to the market to fit the consumer's tastes and preferences. This will help the firm in being highly competitive than other businesses thus making them make more significant profits than the other companies.


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February 22, 2023

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