Disability: A Response to Christopher Reeve's Pursuit of Cure

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Disability is defined as a mental or physical situation in a person that interferes with their body motions, their senses' capacity to work normally, or inhibits a person's general activities (Berubé, 2016). People with disabilities have faced a variety of problems over the years. They have difficulties as well as impairments. As a result, it is critical that these people receive care and assistance in order for them to live regular lives free of psychological disorders. It is critical to recognize the enormous proximity of people with impairments. It is highly possible that an ordinary person will come into contact with people who are disabled without realizing it. All things considered, not all disabilities are physical (Berube, 2016). Other disabilities are mental. Mental disabilities can incorporate a wide assortment of conceivable components. This include; learning issues, sorrow, nervousness, schizophrenia, or differing degrees of scholarly incapacities. This paper explores a myriad of disabilities which afflicts people in the society. It is of great importance for the society to be well acquitted with this disabilities in order for them to extend an helping hand to the individuals affected.

Through the government, the society can show respect and at the same time eliminate the harshness of disabilities by ensuring an improved safety and well-being of the people with disabilities. Safety can be ensured by the provision of security personnel or formulating and implementing laws that are aimed at improving the security of such victims. Through technology, the government can come up with programs to motivate the disabled by airing the stories that show them that one day they will have to overcome their disabilities (Sherman, and Elizabeth, 2009). For instance, in the article "A Response to Christopher Reeve's Pursuit of Cure," the author says that he believes in Reeve's message that investment in technology has a significant improvement of human development. The author further says that the attempt by Reeve to show how the government can improve the lives of the disabled people will have a benefit that goes down to the generations to come.

Secondly, the society can show respect to the people living with disability by supporting the efforts made by the disabled to improve their condition. In some cases, the disabled people may come out with ways to improve their own conditions. The society should always show support by helping them to try them out and stop the habit of ridiculing them instead. When a disabled person, for instance, a paralyzed person tries to move his or her hand, we should mob our support and tell them they can actually do it (Mukhopadhyay, and Tito, 2011).

Reeve improved his paralysis condition because he was very optimistic that he would walk again after suffering a spinal cord injury. Even though criticized, he did not lose focus on what he really wanted. However, the support he got from groups such as the press motivated him further to achieve more than could be expected. The power of self motivation by the affected ones was realized in the article "Seeing voices." The narrator in the story could not talk yet his age mates were already talking. The narrator was always motivated by the voices that he perceived to the ones from his mother. He always felt like pronouncing a word even though the words could not form in his mouth. He believed that he could one day talk just like his age mates did.

Thirdly, the government can eliminate disabilities by ensuring a fair and equal distribution of resources in the society paying more attention to the disabled (Torres, et al., 2005). Disparity in income, resource allocation, and unequal employment opportunities in the society may worsen further the condition of the disabled due to a feeling of neglect.

There is nothing as good as a feeling of motivation when one is seeking a way out of a problem. It boosts the courage to take part effectively without the fear of being criticized by those in normal conditions and over time the disabled can partially or fully recover from the disability.

Additionally, disability can be disposed of by the general public by collectively battling for the securing of present day and applicable health services to manage distinctive disabilities. These may incorporate the walking aids, talking aids, thus numerous different facilities that tend to facilitate their conditions at work or at home. Public endeavors to manage disabilities together as a people not just demonstrates the regard that the general public has for the disabled however it is likewise fundamental in disposing of disabilities in the general public (Bérubé 2016).

Disability challenges can also be addressed by subsidizing health care facilities that are needed in correcting the condition of the disabled in the society (Torres, et al., 2005). Subsidizing medical services will increase the demand for such facilities thereby increasing the number of the disabled whose conditions can be reclaimed. Improved health care requires that healthcare services are available and also the ability of people to consume the services is enhanced. In other words, provision of affordable health care facilities to the people living with disabilities shows the respect that the government has for the disabled and their thirst to put to an end the disability problem.

Business leaders, Educators, and policy makers need to come to an agreement. Everybody needs to make an impression to the disabled individuals (Torres, et al., 2005). The society should help empower disabled people to be effective and to seek their passion, to have opportunities in life and to be glad. These individuals get psyched up and get a sense of belonging when they are acknowledged. This improves their self-esteem and the urge to work like the non-disabled is instilled in the gets in them making them to search for opportunity like the normal individuals.

The society should ensure that Health advancement and counteractive action exercises target individuals with disabilities. For instance, ladies with disabilities should get screening for cervical and breast cancer as their counterparts who are not disabled. Individuals with diabetes and intellectual debilitations should have their weight checked. Additionally, the society can encourage teenagers and grown-ups with inabilities to attend sex education programs (Muhkhopadhyay & Tito 2011).

Michael Berube shows love to his disabled young Jamie by taking him to a long parking for entertainment. He quickly understands the needs of Jamie when he wants to stand at the perimeter only to enjoy counting cars. Although Janet and Michael occasionally feel that Jamie will be disabled throughout his life, Michael feels fully occupied by taking care of his present needs when he is with him rather than by worrying about his future. As any other person in the society, Michael often plays any song that is requested by Jamie and watch him dance. This makes the young boy feel accepted in the society and be free to exploit his talent. (Berube 1996)

At one point, Michael says that he has tried to at Jamie from the other people's perspective but he has not managed. He advises that the society should not discriminate the disabled as subgroups of the human race but treat them as normal people who can participate anywhere. Jamie, while in the train, looked more curious and interested in counting the cars than the other children who saw it as usual. Ludwig Wittgenstein's philosophical investigation regards "seeing-as is not part of perception".

W should try to seek the interests of the disabled without forcing them to undertake what they don't like. When Jamie refused to board the train, Michael tried to talk with him about his friends whom he cherishes so that he can also develop the interest. His father, though he feels angry about him, is not furious but he takes him slowly. Jamie had a nice time in the restaurant to discover everything inside there after dinner. He passed around touching everything he wanted without discrimination that he may destroy or others seeing him as non-humane. (Berube 1996),

Lastly, the society can eliminate the disabilities through carrying out research to establish the possible causes of some disabilities that can be prevented. Scientists in the society can eliminate some disabilities by researching on their possible cause and thereafter recommend the possible preventive measures or their cure. Disabilities can also be eliminated by coming up with forums and organizations to address the challenges faced by the disabled people (Torres, et al., 2005). These forums and organizations will create awareness to the people in the society on the existence of disabilities, how to take care of the disabled and the possible preventive measures for specific disabilities.


In summary, any effort to eliminate disabilities in the society is inseparable from the respect that the society shows to the disabled. It is out of the sense of care and respect that the society craves to eliminate disabilities so that the disabled can feel like they are part of them and they have equal rights as their fellow human beings. Generally, to kick out disabilities from the society, we should try at all costs to accept and respect those who are disabled first as doing so will motivate our effort towards curbing the disability carnage.


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April 19, 2023

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