Effect of stealing on others

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Stealing refers to the action or behaviour, without the owner's consent or permission, of taking a property which is not yours. Stealing means not only taking physical property but also taking concepts, thoughts and identity of a certain body. While theft is a conduct that is unacceptable, in children it is relatively more common. This behavior happens in children before the individual becomes conscious that the act is good or bad. In adult people, theft happens often as a mental illness and is known as kleptomania. Kleptomania is a disorder whereby the individual experiences pressure and stress that builds within him or her to take or steal something. When the person fulfills this act of stealing, stresses and pressure are relieved, (Grant, Correia, & Brennan-Krohn). The person who suffers from this condition of kleptomania, in most cases is associated with some psychiatric disorders especially anxiety. Stealing has several effects on the individual involved and the surrounding community. Therefore, when an individual is arrested of stealing, he should as well as be rehabilitated by psychiatrists alongside punishment since stealing might have been a result of the disorder. These effects include changes in the moral behaviors and physically due to harm that might have been caused, (Segrave).

Stealing makes the person set up situations or measure that can affect the entire population in which he or she is living. Stealing creates the tension and stress among the people who are in the places where stealing has taken place especially when the rules used to prevent theft are very strict such as the use of surveillance cameras. When the person steals, he is also affected. This aspect is due to the stress that the person has because of fear of being arrested.

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Moral effect

Stealing affects the homes and communities including people negatively. Stealing is morally condemned by most norms in various societies. The act of stealing affects the people like parents, friend, and peers whose property has been stolen. When a one’s property is stolen, he or she feels angry, disrespected, and afraid of the same thing happening again. These effects can make the person to develop some thought, which may lead to the development of bad moral behaviors in an attempt to recover the stolen properties as well as preventing further theft of his or her properties. The individuals whose properties are stolen are always suspicious of anybody who comes near them. Therefore, they end up becoming too rude to their friends and other people within the community. Thus, they end up using abusive words against their fellows, which are against the moral values of the community. Due to much anger, people whose properties are taken may end up fighting the innocent one who they suspect to have stolen their property, which is morally a bad behavior. More so, more so, other people prefer bewitching the person who has stolen the property instead of using legal methods. As a result, they end up killing the thief instead of being charged by the courts of law. Bewitching alongside killing is a bad moral behavior resulting from stealing. Theft instills bad behaviors into the individual. Stealing is associated with drug abuse, this aspect implies that the individual who is involved in stealing will induce these behaviors on the rest of the people that he or she is living within the society. Therefore, stealing can induce behaviors that are associated with drug abuse like indiscipline among the people who are living in that community. In addition, Stealing can cause isolation of the individual due to the fear of being suspected as a criminal, (Grant, Correia, & Brennan-Krohn).

More so, other people in different communities handle thieves in ways that are illegal like mob justice on the person who has been caught stealing or sometimes just suspected. Therefore, theft makes people in the community to develop immoral behaviors like stoning the thief to death.

Physical effects

As stated above, stealing involves taking property, ideas, thoughts, or identity without the permission of the owner. This aspect implies that when stealing is done and the owner notices it, it may lead to physical injuries as result of struggling for to recover the property. More so, when a person steals a property from a place, the people with the place are considered as the first suspects, therefore some people may be arrested as investigations are done thus causing physical pain and torture on these individuals.

The anger and stress that is developed by the individual in whose property has been stolen make him become more violent and this may lead to acts like fighting which leads to injuries on people involved in the fight. This aspect results in physical harm to the body. Addition, theft can cause the people to migrate from one are to the other especially those whose properties have been stolen. This aspect is done in an attempt to avoid being stolen again.

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Learning from theft

Theft has bad consequences on the individual who steals. This actions that are taken after stealing like jail and other forms of punishments rehabilitate the individual to a better person ad he or she develop good morals which are acceptable in the society. Additionally, the punishments given to the thieves act as examples to the rest of the community and therefore can make the individuals within the community to adjust accordingly to avoid the consequences of the course, (Segrave).

Despite stealing being a bad behavior, it sometimes becomes a necessity in the real world. Some situations, which require attention and immediate action occurs in the real globe. These situations may only be fixed after acquiring some information and/or materials from restricted places. Considering a scenario in the defense sector, whereby some organization or an individual is suspected of having moves that can endanger the lives of the people as well as the security of the entire nation, theft techniques can be used to ensure the safety of the people. In dealing with this aspect, investigations have to be made in order to find out the truth of the allegation. This act would involve pinching information from these individuals or organization. In this case, theft is used to benefit the entire community including me and other people who are living within the community. Therefore, stealing other real world situations can be helpful.


Conclusively, stealing affects the person who has committed that act, the person whose property has been stolen, and the other in the community where theft has occurred as well as relatives and peers of the thief. It takes different forms such as theft of ideas, properties, and /or identity. Stealing makes the person whose properties have been stolen to be violet and this situation results in immoral behaviors of the individual. Stealing also affects the people within the community where the act of theft has occurred. Some of the people may copy their behavior and start stealing; they may be physically injured when stealing involves arms like guns. Other people may be tortured during investigations to identify the person who has stolen. Stealing is thus bad behavior, which should be condemned and prevented. It highly affects the morals of the individuals in the society. Due to peer pressure, others may be affected to copy the behavior.

In most cases, theft occurs without the consent of the owner of the property. The process of identifying the person who has stolen requires thorough investigation. It involves inconveniencing other people as well as causing psychological torture and pain on them during interrogation. Most of the individuals who are arrested on allegations of theft should not be punished accused to have done the act unless it is proven beyond doubt that he or she is a victim of stealing the property. Since accusing, a person wrongly destroys the reputation of the person in the public as well as loss of dignity. Therefore, I recommend that proper monitoring methods like surveillance cameras and cc televisions should be used to avoid wrong accusations of the people when theft incident occurs. Additionally, the government has to make sure that the punishment imposed set aside for the criminals or culprits are heavier that most crimes in the courts of laws. This recommendation implies that theft should also be included among the capital offenses in the different countries.

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