Effective Communication in Nursing Practice

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Effective communication is the hallmark of nursing care. However, it is often affected by individual difference and disregard of diversity in a healthcare setting. The scenario involving an 18-year old appendicitis patient demonstrates practices by nurses that impair with fundamental communication. In this scenario, healthcare stereotyping is well pronounced. The patient was denied quality health care, that is, surgery services, because of her religion (Felicia et al., 2015). According to Beryl (the day-shift nurse) Ree (the patient) was not going to undergo surgery because she was a Jehovah witness and believers of this religion do not need a blood transfusion. Berly’s generalized thought about Jehovah witness denied Ree and her mother the opportunity to communicate their expectations regarding the anticipated surgery. Thus, prejudice against religion influences the provision of care to patients. 

            Similarly, the scenario shows that ineffective communication due to diversity in healthcare facility impairs with the patient-nurse relationship as well as the patient outcome (Cook & Stoecker, 2015; Burgess et al., 2010). The nurses in this scenario did not acknowledge the patient and her mother as part of the stakeholders of the facility in their communication. According to Ellie’s conversation (the night-shift nurse), Ree together with her mother was very troublesome during the night. From the discussion, it was evident that the nurses did not take the reaction of the patient and her mother into consideration in their provision of care. Such practices influence patients such as Ree to develop a poor relationship with healthcare providers (Aronson et al., 2013). Ree developed a negative attitude towards the nurses that were attending her and even doubted the quality of care she could receive. Comparatively, Beryl and Joanne ignored Ree and her mother when they tried to inquire about the medical process Ree’s was going through and whether she could undergo surgery. The two nurses failed to recognize their ignorance regarding medical terms besides giving the opportunity to explain what they wanted concerning the operation.  

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October 05, 2023

Nursing Communication

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