Enhance Sales by selling social media to a company

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Social Networking and Business Growth

Social networking builds global networks for customers and businesses. Social media provides a forum for market analysis on supply and demand patterns in order to raise awareness. One has a greater understanding of their rivals' plans when reaching out to a larger client base. In the stock market, Facebook alone is worth more than $104 billion. Since revenues have not improved up to the middle of the third quarter, using social media as a central medium is critical for the company enterprise. The aim of social media is to create a two-way communication, control the content that is shared, and measure performance through feedback.

The Impact of Social Media on Sales and Profits

A platform of Social Media will systematically increase sales and new customers by 10 percent in the next two-quarters. Nearly 80 percent of firms utilizing social media platforms are on a consistent upward trend in profits. Hence the need to incepting social media in business operations for a higher targeting in sales and profits. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have 4.5 billion like 500 million tweets, and 95 million videos and pics uploaded annually, hence access to a wider market. The brand of the firm will be sold easily and faster. Information accessibility and sharing are made easier. Research data reveals that your customer base lies between the age of 25 and 55 years, and 90 percent of the males are accessible on social media. When social media is incepted, these people can be invited to like the company`s new platform and promise to offer some discount at the pioneer stage. After a while, the business website will be linked to Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat to increase the customer base, hence creating a global attention for business growth.

The Transformation of Business through Social Media

Social Media is reinventing how business is done. Through this platform, organizations have a well carved competitive advantage. Market trends of supply and demand are easily researched. The competitor strategies and consumer needs are known conveniently to the stakeholders as information accessibility is online hence its indispensable position in business.

December 08, 2022

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