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pH effect on α-Amylase from porcine pancreas

The enzyme amylase catalyzes the mechanism of hydrolyzing starch into simpler and smaller carbohydrate molecules, such a...

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the activity of enzyme

An enzyme is an organic molecule composed of proteins that has the basic function of speeding up and controlling the rat...

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Action of Enzymes

The wavelength 405nm indicates the action of the enzyme alkaline phosphatase because no light is absorbed in this wavele...

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the activity of enzyme research

The aim of this research is to find out how temperature and pH influence enzymatic activity. This lab is divided into fi...

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PH Impact on Enzyme Reaction Activity

Enzyme exercise is influenced by a variety of elements that include temperature, pH, enzyme concentration, substrate con...

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The Milky Serum

Genetic mutations that cause metabolic diseases resulting from enzyme defects in the intermediate metabolic pathway lead...

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