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Interest in Pursuing a Degree in Architecture

With this letter, I'd want to show my interest in pursuing a degree in Architecture. Following the amazing designs that have transformed my area, I have always been fascinated by architecture. My initial lure to this excellent vocation has been the magnificent architectural designs in the city of London.

Technological Revolution in the Field of Architectural Design

My desires to be a part of this fantastic group of professionals are driven by technological revolution in the field of architectural design. In the past, the media and public officials had important roles in shaping what the public consumed in terms of arts, architecture, and fashion. Renowned artists in this field of study had little links with architectural product and service users.However, all these changed with accessibility to unlimited data that give the public ability to access information that has changed the perceptions towards arts. Today, architecture is more centered on public opinion and ability of architects to influence a growing consumptive culture through self-acquired knowledge and experience.

Customization of Space and Mass-Customization

"Do-It-Yourself (DIY)" has attributed to customization of space. Newly developed and affordable fabrication methods have removed the barriers associated with professional advantages. I envisage a future era of mass-customization that will help architects to acquire macro-intelligence from simple personalized rules. As such, macro intelligence from mass-customization forms part of what I am committed to achieving for the rest of my career in architecture.

The Role of "Emergent and Interactive Architecture (EIA)"

I now believe that through a set of systems, whether being a physical structure or a virtual simulation, people can achieve in their respective areas of studies. Furthermore, "emergent and Interactive Architecture (EIA)" can deliver big data about user's performance as more people are now capable of interacting with the product and receiving a complete data from producers. Computation and other digital analyzing tools aid in big-data transfer into architectural information. By adopting the acquired information, architects can now create more sophisticated structures that provide the opportunity for better interactions. Feedbacks from one point to another would finalize product processing with more matured performance, allowing complexity to enable custom design for mass consumption. To obtain the skills, I hope to study the logic of computation by experimenting rule-based approach and combinatorics in courses such as “Meta-elements” led by Soomeen Hahm. By learning how to utilize new technologies such as robot arm and 3d printers with computation, my research will produce more refined process.

Research Concept Paper: Waste Removal in Urban Areas

My research concept paper will revolve around waste removal in urban areas. The accumulation of wastes in major cities has been a challenge that has seen government pass legislations that may help reduce waste on the streets. As a part of the solution, through EIA, I hope to design trash bags that have new materials modeled to gather wastes. At the moment, research material is at the Design Research Lab in AA. Moreover, understanding urbanism theories and political courses offered by Miraj Ahmed and Cristina Diaz will be critical towards my capacity to establish solutions that can be used to prevent the challenges of waste management.

Application for Admission to the University

I am making this application after a comprehensive review of the course curriculum. Since I hope to base my research and studies on the facilities available at the institution, I believe that being a student at the University will not only empower my career development but will put me in a position where I can use my full potentials. Moreover, I feel that through this program, I can benefit many challenging career opportunities, become competitive and successful in the current job market.

Yours sincerely,



March 17, 2023

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Hobby Architecture

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Interests Architect Design

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