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A community is a collection of three or more persons that have an interdependent goal and interact with or influence each other. There are extraordinary types of groups that do exist in real life, and they are inclusive of personal, educational, problem-solving, satisfactory control, and activity groups, just to mention a few. Group verbal exchange and learning to enable the individuals to analyze the art of problem-solving and conflict resolution each time they arise. In the group discussion, the members always share a frequent task when it comes to the contributions towards matters that may additionally crop up, for instance, through brainstorming of ideas, selection of individuals, and even planning of activities.
The collective discussion promotes face-to-face interaction that enables the participants to acquire the right communication skills such as the use of gestures, facial expressions, clothing, and even body movement, among others, that make possible, the individuals to become good communicators. The people in the groups usually benefit a lot from the mutual proficiencies, information, resources, and the experiences that each member contributes and thus enables them to be effective communicators. Moreover, the group members can also influence an individual to attain the pertinent communication abilities through learning and rising from their propositions, getting the persuasion from their opinions, and the challenges from their manifestos. One can always get devastated by the remarks of the group members, but at the end, their praises would bring a healing after achieving the desired qualities of excellent communication (Fujishin p 4).

The group communication also makes people obtain the strategies for plain speaking by the use of a particular language, by communicating about the interpretations and not about the conjectures, and talking about the behavior and not about the person that perpetuates it. For the improved actions and academic growth, every group member should always assess their performance and take note of the areas that still need improvements. The members who don’t take part in the collective discussions, but are just ghosts should try by all means possible to offer their opinions even if they are not well conversant with the subjects of study so as to grow academically. As for the blamers who are ever putting faults on others, they should bring to the table their opinions so that they stop pointing fingers as they would be part of the decision makers. They should also ask the viewpoints of other group members and even seek for the information that is in support of the opinion so that there is no future blame on others.

The skills gained from such a group communication are usually of importance in the future especially when an individual takes the leadership roles. As a leader one can always apply the knowledge learned to know the most effective leadership style for a particular group of persons for a given circumstance (Fujishin p 136). The skills would also enable one to offer a helpful assistance when it comes to the problem solving and conflict resolution in an organization or any situation in the future. One can also use the skills in the future in matters regarding decision making in the workplace or any other undertaking. The group communication class is good for the students as it makes them mature and responsible individuals who can sit down and reason with the right communication skills like body language and gestures. For the group discussion to be useful for all the students, the teacher should not form bigger clusters that make it hard to monitor the contributions of everyone. Group discussion is real and helpful to all the learners as they all gain the relevant skills so there should be its encouragement.

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August 09, 2021

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