Ghost’s World Album Review

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When writing his review of Ghost Killah's album, Frere-Jones applies the self-regulatory concept. He uses his metacognition skills to clearly set out his analysis' plan. Since "Ghost's World" is a positive review, the author begins by vividly describing his work so that the viewer can easily understand his point of view.

The tactic, which he uses to explain a problem with Ghost Killah's record, can be categorized as an expository composition strategy. The strategy is useful and effective because he states his position on the issue and his critique before elaborating on the entire concept and bearing the conclusion. After the introduction, Frere-Jones seems to understand his audience because his writing consists of shared knowledge and an explanation of already established ideas. For instance, the phrase, “… or ten depending on who you count” (41), shows that he assumes the audience has a vast knowledge of the subject. Having this article formerly in The New Yorker makes it simpler to understand and respond to the question because I can review other people’s responses to the original article and apply it.

Question 3

Frere-jones likes the unpredictability of Ghostface’s writing. He portrays him as a respected person who has a unique style in his art. He also likes the intentions of Ghostface’s skills and says, “Ghostface doesn’t seem to care about tailoring his music to the market,” (43). It is because of the worldview about the rappers’ lyrics. He also likes the long life career of Ghostface since he surpasses other rappers who don’t make it at thirty-five.

Question 4

Frere-Jones review is good. However, I tend to feel that he is too biased because he emphasizes on praising Ghostface’s art than reviewing it. He also makes comparison with other rappers in the album review and therefore, altering the composition of an album review as it should seek to discuss the album itself with supporting evidence from the album, but not other rapists.

Question 5

The new Yorker publications and websites are mostly the taste of youth and young adults when it comes to age. It is because if the content displayed on criticism of art pieces, cartoons, fictions, and poetry. The site bears representation of all races in New York, America. Many who access it are the educated middle-class men who have time and resources for subscription.

The website has a vast scope of coverage that pertains education and content written and submitted by different writers (Gopnik 71).

Works Cited

Frere-Jones, S. Ghost’s World. A Wung Tang Clan Member’s New Album. The New Yorker. March 20, 2006.

Gopnik, Adam. "The New Yorker." (2014).

June 26, 2023

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