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Hillary Clinton in full (Hillary Rodham Clinton) is a political influential woman who was born back in October 26, 1947 in Chicago a place known as Illinois in the United States of America (Hillary, Rodham, et al). Hillary Clinton was a lawyer by profession and served as the United States senator for 8 years, this was from the year 2001 up to 2009. In the year 2009, she was appointed as the Secretary of the State during the reign of President Barrack Obama and worked here for the next five years up to the year 2013 (Ketie, Donaldson). Hillary Clinton also served as the State’s first lady at a time when her husband was the president of the U.S who served as the president for seven years (from the year 1993 up to the year 2001). Her husband was the 42nd

president of the United States.

Hillary engaged in politics since her early age hence attained herself a position amongst other student leaders in Yale University. Hillary Clinton was active in many programs while in school amongst them being the Youth’s program in the Methodist Church. Later she joined the Republican Party which was her parent’s party. In 1964 she campaigned for Barry Coldwater, a presidential candidate then. Hillary Clinton showed U-turn change in her political views due to the increased number of assassinations which were being conducted by her side of preference. Some of this assassinations included the deaths of; Martin Luther King, Malcolm X amongst many others (Ketie, Donaldson).  As a result she became a member of Democratic Party and campaigned for Eugene McCarthy.

Hillary Clinton participated in a movement which was then known as Watergate Inquiry in the year 1974 and was aimed at impeaching the president of that time (Richard Nixon). However the role she played in the movement led to the resignation of the president later on that year. Later her husband, Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas in 1978.  Despite her husband’s election Hillary continued to work in the support of programs that were concerned with the help of the disadvantaged and less privileged children alongside her law career. The 1992’s campaigns for presidency saw Hillary as a very active and the main campaigner of her husband despite much criticism (Hillary, Rodham, et al). She played a vital role in the administration of Bill who had a slogan of, two in price of one. In 1999, Hillary launched her candidacy for a u s senate seat which Daniel vacated where she beat her opponent.  Her plans to run for presidency became apparent in 2007. In 2008 she sleeked Democratic Party’s nomination but she was beat by Barrack. 

Despite all these achievements that have seen Hillary being an influential woman, she has not had it all smoothly (Claire, Obsorne). She encountered challenges both in her personal life and in her political arena. Hillary, just like many married people, has had a couple of marital issues. Her husband Bill had a sexual affair with an Arkansas woman, Jennifer Flowers. This issue was a major obstacle she faced while campaigning for her husband who was a prudential candidate then.  It limited her conduct other constructive campaigns and instead she had to convince citizens to judge her husband based on his record (Ketie, Donaldson). After his election, bill was also found in another scandal with a Whitehouse intern who saw him almost impeached. Despite the shameful act of her husband, Hillary stood by him. She simply was tolerant with her husband’s unfaithful behavior.

Despite her husband involving her a lot in his administration, Hillary faced harsh objections from her critics (Hillary, Rodham, et al).  Hillary Clinton was tasked by her husband with acting as the head of the task force concerned with national health care. With this mandate, she closed the sessions of the task a force of which this move was harshly objected. The opposing came with claims that Hillary Clinton was not one of the government officials hence she was not in a position of acting as the head of the health care task force. The court ruled in her favor but the congress rejected her recommendations which she presented to the five committees. She also faced strong criticism when she fired white house staff. The staff belonged to the white house travel office. This greatly reduced Hillary’s power in the white house where she was less active and was left to play more traditional roles of the first lady.

Hillary faced corruption suspicion. After she became first lady, her financial dealings became suspicious. Her investment in whitewater real estate in Arkansas and commodity trading rose at a suspicious rate between 1978 and 1979 (Hillary, Rodham, et al). The led to her inspection and vetting. Her investments were put under close scrutiny. Given her high title as the first lady, this was quite humiliating and it tarnished her popularity to the citizens

The email controversy was another challenge the Hillary faced. She was accused of using her private email address instead of official states department’s email account (Claire, Obsorne). Mails claimed to be confidential were found in her private account which the critics considered as failure to honor state department’s protocols and was violation of federal laws. These hearings were going on as Clinton was campaigning for 2016 elections. This was a main disadvantage as citizens lost faith in her, however she managed to win the case and she was still leading in the polls.

Hillary Clinton is an inspiration to the women in the community who want to join the political arena (Hillary, Rodham, et al). The fact that she was the first woman to be elected as candidate for the major party is encouraging especially to the women. Clinton was a feminist who stood by the rights of women. As a politician, she stood by what would best equip a modern woman so as her voice could be heard. She herself has been the best example. She has created the awareness that everyone has a political obligation despite the gender. In our current society, women are given very few opportunities and sometime no opportunity at all (Ketie, Donaldson). The life of Hillary Clinton has played a big role to erase the male chauvinism in the society by proving that women too can.

Hillary is a strong woman. She is a motivation to most women of today. The fact that she stood with her husband despite the continued instances of bill cheating on him shows that she is quite strong. The new generation women do not entertain such a husband. Hillary has played such an important role in encouraging woman independency and how to balance it with maintaining a successful marriage. Clinton helped create a united democratic front in Iraq. Clinton as a candidate, she quickly adopted a position favoring a withdrawal and voted for cutoff in Iraq war. This speeded the combat operations key combat operations

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December 12, 2023

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