Homeland Security Essay

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Russia and United States in the Cold War

Russia and United States had been the two nations in the frontline during the Cold War. The issue of hacking the American election gadget which is associated with the Russian hackers is a serious matter that may motive devastating repercussions. I picked this story because of the critical nature of the international diplomacies between the two nations.
The story will have an influence on me concerning the safety of the American election systems. I will lose trust in the subsequent elections as I will be questioning of another hacking. The community and the nation as a entire may also develop a poor perception of the outcomes of the 2016 American presidential elections. That is, most of the supporters of Hillary Clinton may think that Trump used the Russian hackers to win. Internationally, the image and the integrity of the American election systems will never again be trusted. The story is connected to what I learned in class concerning hacking. I found out that hacking had been a major problem in the technological world.

Opinion Discussion

My opinion is that the issue ought to have not been released to the media. The problem will be exaggerated and may lead to civil unrest. The American election was made up of two close contestants, and the race was tight. Most of the Americans believed that Hillary Clinton would win, but to their surprise, Donald Trump was announced as the winner. With the spreading of the news about the Russian hacking of the American government election system, most of the citizens will develop a thought that Hillary Clinton didn’t lose but her votes were stolen through cybercrime.

Work cited

"Homeland Security Official: Russian Government Actors Tried To Hack Election Systems In 21 States." Washington Post, 2017, https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/homeland-security-official-russian-government-actors-potentially-tried-to-hack-election-systems-in-21-states/2017/06/21/33bf31d4-5686-11e7-ba90-f5875b7d1876_story.html?utm_term=.01880254b3ab.

August 09, 2021
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