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Shelter is one of the critical needs of a human being and while it should be a fundamental need, it is quite unfortunate that not anyone has the privilege of having a roof over their head. Statistics point out that approximately one hundred million people in the world are homeless with at least one million of these humans being from the United States of America. There are many factors that contribute to individuals ending up homeless in accordance to Merino. Among these factors are economic reasons the place people are not able to pay for safe haven or social reasons. Some of the other reasons that may make a contribution to people ending up homeless include civic and political wars that may result to destruction of homes or displacement of people from their homes.
Despite the fact that it may be alleged not to be quite the threat in the United States of America, the notion of homelessness still remains to be a big problem. Most often than not, it is as a result of the lack of viable channels that deal with the social alarm that relate to the right of access to essential social amenities. This may need to be tackled all the way through the use of susceptible efforts and taking care of the basic needs for the part of the population that is at risk of being homeless. Homelessness (2017) Lack of the right channels that may be used to address this challenge only gives it a leeway to become a more complex problem in the future.
Homelessness brings about many challenges to the individuals at risk as well as those that are already caught up in that predicament. One of the many challenges that they face is that the homeless are more prone to contracting infectious diseases as a result of derisory health care and other issues that are brought about by socioeconomic issues. Rector and Rachael (2017). They also face the challenge of having to exist in an environment that may be harsh and safe for them especially when the weather is not very favorable. In addition to these challenges, their quandary may coerce them to play a part in vices such as peddling and using drug substances and engaging in prostitution as a way of getting through the tough times.
Among the ways through which the problem of homelessness may be addressed includes improving the financial situation of these individuals. Financial issues are among the top reasons as to why people are homeless. For a lot of individuals, paying of rent is one of the social responsibilities that they are not able to meet thus lacking a roof over their heads. It is therefore imperative that employment opportunities are created so that these individuals can be employed and gain financial stability. For those individuals who do not qualify to get jobs, offering vocational training or technical training that would allow them to take part in the building of the economy as well as benefit from it.
Other than that, coming up with a process of rehabilitating the homeless would also help in controlling the problem. Those who suffer from drug addictions or who are caught up in vices like prostitution can be rehabilitated in preparation for getting them out of their state of homelessness as Rector and Rachael (2017) describe. In addition to that, there is also the need to treat them of diseases that may have been an issue and help them adapt to living a more healthy lifestyle. This would be a significant step in making sure that they are healthy enough to be able to be a part of a productive way of life that would make sure they are able to take care of their social accountabilities.
Additionally, the other way of ensuring that the problem of homelessness is solved is by providing shelter for the homeless people. This could be done by providing transitional housing for these individuals as they wait to be absorbed into the social system again. Considering that most of them are unable to foot their rent, it becomes easy for the process of bringing them back into the social welfare system to begin by offering them transitional housing. In this case, providing them with temporary housing is a sure way of ensuring that they start to live an industrious standard of living.
The predicament of homelessness in the United States of America and consequently many other parts of the world is more often than not as a result of the lack of responsiveness by the government to inconsequential social matters that affect the people that have since been as a result of the risk population lacking facilities to support their issues.

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