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Science and the Decline of Food Quality

Science is meant to be an accurate and effective way of discovering the facts, but in the case of food, it has proven to be the opposite. Science has become a thorn in the food industry's side because food is becoming less safe to eat year after year while only pleasing to the skin. Phillip Wylie uses facts to back up his point of view.

Empirical Marketing Effect

The first piece of evidence is of the empirical marketing effect, in which advertisers view consistency as subordinate to longevity as long as they provide consumers with the quality they can least stand for.

Scientific Sampling

The second evidence is of scientific sampling which found out that the majority of individuals can afford to buy tasteless and bland foodstuff products giving preference to individualistic flavors.


Phillip uses economics as his third evidence to support his arguments. Bland quantities, imperishable, and impersonal substances possibly turn out more or less similar to already existing products at lower costs. Standardization has been the simple reason of cutting costs and shutting independent groceries and stores.


Imitations are the fourth evidence, with duplication more available in the market with people to buy and eat them. Deep freezing is the fifth evidence whereby it compromises the taste, flavor, freshness of the original foodstuffs.

The Science of Genetics

Lastly, the science of genetics is one of the pieces of evidence that Phillip uses. He argues that agronomists and other scientists breed the fruits and vegetables changing their original nature, something that appears to them as fantastic but insane in the real sense.

Valid Arguments

The arguments of Phillip are valid. For instance, scientists don't have interest in tastes of foodstuff they tamper with, such as fruits and vegetables. The innate and importance of taste have become extinct, despite precise food handling being economical; it has made people abandon food quality. Considering the examples that Phillip use to explain his argument, For instance, Cheese, bread, vegetables and fruits, science indeed spoils many people's supper and defines that "a man is what he eats." Calling for a rebellion against the advances made by science may save many suppers.


December 21, 2022

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