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The average person in this period lives in a stark paradox. People are embracing innovation and superiority with the advent of modernized technology and the digital transformation, but there are still billions of people around the world who cannot afford to eat every day. Thanks to organizational and technological advancements, the global economy is being compelled to reach new levels of efficiency and efficacy. Utilization of resources and economic growth are intended to satisfy people, provide a worthwhile experience, and give satisfaction that promotes happiness amongst a greater portion of humanity.

The desire to best serve man, however, continually comes at the expense of natural resources. Many countries fight to survive and achieve the greatest progression in the economic development. Progressively, emerging ideas arises in the way that causes diabetes, obesity, smoking, addiction to drugs and alcohol, depression and other diseases as a result of the modernity. Rightfully, incongruities do not come as shock in the ultimate pursuit for human being, encompassing the schools of thought sourced from greatest philosophers like Aristotle and Buddha.

The theorist evaluated mankind deeply and reiterated that wealth alone cannot satisfy the inner most needs of the human being. In line with their argument, the environment’s providence opt to be sustainably exploited and harnessed to actualize human needs with best interest of promoting social justice, equity and eliminate suffering in the attainment of the man happiness. In the acceptance of reality of the situation in the world, we considered United States, the global economic superpower, counting on impressive technological advancement in the previous century and without any conceivable benefits of the self noticeable happiness among the nationals. In its place, apprehensions and qualms are high, economic and social gaps are high, social trust decline and the low confidence on the ruling government.

Therefore, man needs to live a harmony with the environment and its components in a well designed civilized society that is ideal. Thus, the nation plans prospers in the regime where human consciousnesses are to exercise freedom without contradicting the future generation which defines the country that ascertains its citizen’s happiness to a greater number, though precisely provide the measures for bigger number. Hypothetically, happiness principle and the ideal society relent on the school of thought which argues that man can escape all the modern iniquities by living in the total harmony within the nature. Notably, nature restores human’s soul.


Thinking about the impoverished welfare of the society, the design focuses on a quest to foster happiness via the use of prioritizing sustainability in totality. The stated notion that fabric wealth presents a direction to glad lifestyles desires to be dominated out with all feasible approach. The essence of material and wealth is absolutely for human sustenance and as a medium for identical distribution of earth assets (Helliwell, Layard & Sachs, 2013).

Generally, the pursuit for guy happiness makes enjoy in a remorseful manner revealing the iniquities that economic development has inside the past been facilitated. Searching at all corners of the arena all we see is peace disruption no matter the technological improvement and abilities to solving the adversities. A degree of economic development is always based absolutely the family income (in monetary terms: GNP and GDP in step with capita) used to describe the improvement of dwelling requirements for the terrible. The horrific are always on the losing aspect going thru deprivation of great existence.

Those deprivations are of numerous sorts’ i.e. inadequate food assets, remunerative employment opportunities, access to better fitness care, at ease domestic and water, and education opportunities. To offer a high-quality existence coverage formulation will emphasize on developing structures to permit income rise for human health to decorate consequently. Now not unexpected, as accorded in a latest research that the horrible record a delight inside the occasion of profits increase because it comes in hand to save a state of affairs in maintaining the own family.

Even small will increase in a household’s profits is a substantial relieve ensuing to child’s survival, finishing hunger, nutrients development, academic possibilities and future potentialities of gainful employment. In facilitation of all of the noted advantages institutionalization of insurance then turns into very instrumental to forge a direction inside the course of human happiness.

Four qualities of life

Outer features

Inner features

Life possibilities

Livability of environment

Life capacity of the human kind.

Life consequences

Cost of existence


To provoke a complete layout, recognizing that GDP is imperative but then now not all that is vital to happiness. Taking an example of the richest international locations inside the worldwide, the capital amassed can in no manner be subordinated to happiness with hobby of monetary device because the marginal application of profits, in this situation, lowers as earnings rises (Georgas, 2013). Underpinning that during essence financial system is purposely supposed to serve man and not the alternative way round. Incremental additions in income in a wealthy nation could be much less useful to the population than supplying paces to warrant the enthusiasm of neighborhood groups.

Furthermore, maximizing GDP will not be used as a justification towards regulating the levels of greenhouse gas emissions and different environmental problems. Ultimately, no aspect in priding ourselves of a higher GDP for another decade thinking about the enormous dislocation and consequences of weather alternate and loss of biodiversity. For a really worth purpose, improvement of the economy take a look at sustainability in regard to the environment and social elements.

Sustainable Development

The realities of poverty and unhappiness in the initial development of wealth should not be regarded as the sheer inquisitiveness. The incorporation of the human capacity and the terms to support exchange in unwavering when designing a country. Therefore, urgent attention is required when changing historical course of humanity. Formulation of the policy in the country helps in the realization of the world change. In regard to the recent conference in Paris 2015, countries that sought to fight poverty are guided vision of the 2030 and the principles of sustainability (Helliwell, Layrd and Sach, 2013).

The conference outlined the plan of addressing the governance challenges. Arguably several government systems have failed to address the challenges they are facing in solving social injustices that can enhance the quality of life which eventually can translate to happiness in human beings. Therefore, when designing a country it will be necessary to design the policies that will address it challenges and promotes equality in the community that will eventually led to happiness and general economic development.

The design will attempt to create happiness for everyone in the country and not be skewed to the rich only. The designed country will ensure happiness for all. Notably, good governance ensures mutual ability in the entire society through participation of all the institutions. Consequently it shapes the society’s future in experiencing happiness through political participation and freedom.

Values and Religion

An authority does not play an important role in the development of societies but that does mean its role should be undermined. Government should set up secular institutions that promotes and instills values in human existence. To adhere to values human beings should be intrinsically and extrinsically motivated by parents educators, spiritual; companies, authors and entire stake holders in the society.

In a fantastic network, humanity and care of lifestyles is consistently occurring value that is considered to be huge while identical values are established through religious teaching (Asher, Duke Wilson, 2012). In a well established society, humanity is well respected. The authors further argued that those people who tend to care for distinguished values are always happy in forming the nations and ensure that the services to humanity are decentralized in the entire country. Therefore, better values and religions make people o be always happy in the country.

Friends and Family

Genuine happiness of people revolves around their social life. Moreover, happiness also depends on attachment, interactions, personal relationship and acceptability. Consequently, several types of relationships and interactions that strengthens relationships on the basis of love are considered to be true pursuit for the happiness (Schneider, 2014).It’s the responsibility of the government to empower families and instill in them value that foster peace and cohesiveness for the future generations. Strong family values include; love, cohesiveness and care for the greater manifestation of the happiness.

There are secular families which have emerged in this current regime and they should not be ignored. Raisin income to meet family needs need for sacrificing some of the family aspects that are essential in building wealth and achieving success. Work related problems greatly contribute to the stress in the families and are essential source of U – shape in the log lasting happy relationships. Asher, Duke and Wilson (2012) argued that, to eliminate work places problems policies should be designed to operate in a flexible manner through deliberate support from the family.


Health issues cause a serious depression in the life of someone. Therefore, all the health organization should focus at offering quality Medicare to all human beings in the community. Consequently, offering robust Medicare care reduces the depression associated with health problems. Helliwell, Layard and Sachs (2013) argued that governments should focus at providing their citizens with competent healthcare which is affordable and accessible at any time by the people in community that guarantees them healthy life.

Arguably, in this current regime due to technology health car organizations will divert their attention to start providing treatment that cares for emotional problems. Johnson and Rossing (2013) argued that human beings are happy when they receive better health care.

Urban Design

Happiness is a core element in the life of any human being. Schneider (2015) argued that the center of the development of population in urban towns is causing congestion hence leading to unhappier populace, inadequate social services, and increased crime rates and increased air pollution. Therefore, to create sustainable town there is need to use modern technology in a comprehensive way to ensure that life is improved. Future generations will be likely to create towns which are sustainable and ensure happiness on the human being. Consequently a swell designed town with all the necessities enhances happiness.


In conclusion, the article has articulated on the various aspects that revolve around the concept of the sustainable development. Such aspects include extreme poverty, environmental sustainability social inclusion and good governance. At the epic of developing happiness there is need for observing the aforementioned aspects. It’s fundamental to initiate the environmental forum when designing a national that fosters happiness as it helps in building sustainable quality live of the human being. To achieve sustainable governance, there is need for designing policies that focus on improving the happiness and lives via cooperation. Consequently, human abilities play a vital role in fostering the achievement of the above goals.

Therefore we need to disregard the individualism perception and focus on the cohesiveness since its void supposition. Individual perception is considered to be misplaced pessimism. Notably, reverse societies typically benefit from happiness through working as a team for the higher resolutions. The high pursuits of mankind include promoting peace and harmony and protection of mothers on earth for the purpose of preparing goodness for the future generation and the survival of the species which exist on earth. Arguably, sustainability is regarded to an objective which is very influential hence in this absence there is no promise of the happiness and prosperity.


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June 19, 2023

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