Intelligence and Law Enforcement

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The use of technology has resulted in scientific investigations of crime. Forensics has provided unparalleled ability in resolving issues while also exposing prior failures. Gangs have had an impact on both individual and community health and well-being. In the United States, they have scared away potential investors and customers. The economic consequences of adolescents joining a gang far outweigh the expense of sending the individual to a private institution.

Due to the harmful effects of gangs, law enforcement has become more active in identifying gangs and their operations early in order to combat these bad effects. Being a gang member is not a crime in several places. Engaging in illegal activities for the benefit of the gang is the problem. Use of gang symbols identifies most gang members. As gangs have unique identification and language codes, spotting these among individuals is used to identify members. Common symbols include graffiti, tattoos and use of hand signs in their communication (Judd, 2017).

Simple involvement in gangs is noticeable though physical examinations. Notable features include possession of weapons, wearing bandanas or use of colored clothing consistent among many people. Behavioural changes are an essential technique used. It includes secrecy of activities from family members, having strange friends, use of drugs or negative attitude towards law enforcers (Judd, 2017).

Using the Reid interrogation technique enables identification of gang members. It involves factual analysis, interviewing, and interrogation to get details of human behavior. Inconsistencies and lies help to link up members of gangs. DNA profiling and sequencing is used to identify criminals and victims using samples from their skins or hair collected from scenes of crime. It is combined with magnetic fingerprinting which enables searching through extensive databases to link people connected. The technology reduces chances of contaminating the evidence (Mingardi, 2007).

Identifying complicated gangs entail the use of computer forensics to identify crime which can be related to the gangs. Computers aid in scamming, stealing identities online or even leaving a digital imprint that is used to track criminal activities of the gang. Computers are further utilized in matching fingerprints and facial structure of gang members (Judd, 2017).

Link analysis software is used to track the financial activity of gangs. It monitors financial transactions and customer profiles and uses the statistics to monitor illegal behavior.

Outlaw motorcycle gangs adopt a group identity which they use to create fear and intimidate the public. One of their goals is to engage in criminal activity. The Mongols who consists of mostly Hispanic males were formerly street gang members. They have a history of settling grievances using violence. Their connection with street gangs is based on race after some Latino bikers were denied entry to Hells Angels (Gallagher, 2014).

Intelligence analysis enables law enforcers to use a preventative approach in dealing with gang crime. Data analytics helps in providing real-time visual cues of suspicious behavior and activities. The data collected through intelligence assists in filling gaps using rational judgment. It entails application of theory, using situational logic and historical comparison to identify gang crime activities (Mingardi, 2007).

The intelligence gathered is applied to foresee trends in the gang activities and thus thwart it in advance. It helps in identifying gang leaders and monitoring their movements. It further enables identification of weak points in the gang thus allowing its elimination by use of informants (Mingardi, 2007).


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