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A work description is a formal statement of the job that is based on the results of the job review. The declaration includes the tasks, intent, duty, range, and working conditions, as well as the job title and the title or name of the person to whom the worker will report. The job specification is based on the job description. A job requirement also includes the experience and credentials that an applicant for the job would have, as well as the pay scale. To generate a job description, a job analysis is conducted to examine the tasks that are required to perform the job. Usually, the analysis of the job looks at the skills and knowledge that the job needs. The job description is used when recruiting workers and is often referred to as the reference terms. It not only explains the current situation, but also set out objectives that should be realized in the future. When companies understand and match the requirements of available jobs to people, they perform highly (Richard, 2016).

Importance of Job Description

Job descriptions are very important for employees because they guide them in knowing what is expected of them and the manner in which their supervisors or employers will evaluate them. It is also very important for employers because during job description creation process, the employers engage thoughtfully in determining how significant the job is, how it relates to other jobs in the company, and identify the features required by the new candidate wishing to fill the role. Since the job description outlines the skills, training and education required by a possible employee, it is used to spell out the duties and job responsibilities and employers can use it as a basis of interviewing aspiring candidates. The job description can also be used by employers to orient new employees and in evaluating the job performance (Wolfe, 2016). Generally, the use of job descriptions helps organizations to understand the experiences and skill base that are needed to improve the productivity of an organization. Job descriptions are essential in hiring, evaluating, and terminating employees. Since there are times when there is a misunderstanding of the requirement of a position, an appropriately prepared job description serves to help both the employer and the employees to share an understanding that is common (, 2016).

The Process or Information Needed to Complete a Job Description

To complete a job description, employers must carry out a job analysis, which is the systematic process where jobs are studies to determine the kind of activities and responsibilities a job requires as well as their relative significance when compared with other jobs. In addition, the analysis of jobs provides information such as the necessary personal qualifications for the performance of the jobs as well as the conditions under which the job is performed. Job analysis is an important process that provides the necessary information for the completion of a job description because it evaluates the job totally and completely and not the person that is going to do the job. However, some data of job analysis can be gotten from incumbents.

First, employers need to know the information that job analysis requires. To analyze the work activities, employers collect information concerning the actual work activities of the job. The list of work activities also involves the manner in which the employees perform each of the activities, why they do them and when. Information concerning the required human behavior is also collected during job analysis. This information includes the demands of the job such as the distances to be walked as well as the weights to be lifted. Other information collected during th analysis of the job entail the performance standards, the tools, machines and equipment to be used, the content of the job and the human requirements.

Comparison and Critique of Actual sales manager’s Job Duties to the Filled Job Description

The sales manager works in the sales department and reports to the chief executive office of the company. The sales manager’s job duties compares to the filled job description. As a sales manager, one should play a central role in the success of the company, because of the pivotal role in realizing the sales targets, which eventually generates the organization’s revenue. In conformity with the filled job description, he or she meets the sales target through planning and budgeting effectively. He or she works with the sales team, where each person offers positive contribution and works towards achieving the objectives and goals of the company. He or she has the duty to set targets for the sales representatives and ensure that the targets are realistic to be achievable. The sales manager usually does not impose the duties on his or her subordinates, but delegates as per the specifications and interests of the people. He or she devises strategies to achieve the targets by also deciding the course of action for the sales team. Actual sales managers promote brands, maps possible customers and generate leads, and motivate the team members to work towards a shared objective, just as shown in the job description. They are not only interested with selling, but also in sustaining and enhancing the associations with the customers. These are the major responsibilities that all involve a substantial percentage of time as they have to be executed simultaneously for the success of the business.

For the successful performance of the job as a sales manager, must have the potential to meet sales goals, negotiate, sell to the needs of the customer, motivate, establish and maintain relationships, coach, market, develop budgets and do the staffing. Sales managers must have a degree and experience in the position as sales representatives. Even though educational requirements are needed, what is important is the experience as a sales representative. However, there are some that have master’s degrees.

An Opinion on Where Job Description Is Incorrect and Where It Could Be Improved to Get the Right Candidate

The job description is not very appropriate for the sales managers because they need to have the freedom to initiate and seek new directions towards achievement of the sale targets. Since markets are rapidly changing, the description of the sales managers looks rigid, especially in areas requiring technological change. To improve the job description, it is important to ensure that it is flexible and that the process used to generate it is optimal.

Potential negative impact of hiring candidates that match the job description to the roles

Hiring workers that match the job description to the role of a sales manager can have a negative impact concerning the inflexibility of the candidate to change as per the changing working environment and the markets. The candidate needs to have extra skills and experiences that can be helpful to the company in becoming profitability (Community Foundation of Canada, 2016).


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The Filled Job Description for a Sales Manager

Purpose of the Sales Manager

Plan, implement and direct the sales activities of the organization to realize the sales goals

Tasks and Responsibilities

Establish a strategy for sales to realize the sales goals of the organization as well as the revenues

Develop the individual sales targets for the sales representatives

Organize the action plans for sales for every sales representative

Supervise the performance and the activities of the sales team

Guarantee that the sales team have the required resources to enable them perform appropriately

Observe the achievement of sales goals by the sales representatives

Coordinate with other departments of the company to guarantee the achievement of the sales goals.

Assess the performance of the sales workers

Offer support, feedback and training to the sales team

Help in the development of sales proposals and presentations

Keep track of the lost sales and accounts of the customers for investigatory purposes

Interpret the figures of the sales

Produce reports for sales on time

Establish schedules for pricing as well as rates

Establish policies and procedures for sales

Prepare budgets and sustain inventory control

Do market research and analyze competitor and customer

Establish and maintain business associations with sound decision makers in principle accounts

Education and Experience

A degree in business or a related academic qualification

Experience in planning and implementation of sales approaches

Technical skills in sales

Management of customer relationship experience

Market research knowledge

Have relevant software application experience

Industry knowledge


Skills in written and verbal communication

Planning and organization

Analysis and solving of problems

Management of information


Skills in formal presentation

Decision making

Adaptability and persuasiveness


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