Khloe Kadashian finally Pregnant

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Is Khloe breastfeeding, huh? Life & Style Magazine released an exclusive story on 30 January 2017 on topics related to the pregnancy of Khloe Kardashian. The magazine is one that is likely to attract audiences interested in reality television shows. The magazine presents numerous storylines revolving around different actors to target audiences involved in the film industry. The magazine strives to entertain young people and young adults who love viewing shows of persons who are able to show their anonymity, composure, and integrity to the world. An analysis of the Life & Style magazine reveals that the authors and editors assume that the audience has an interest in every aspect of the lives of the subjects in the diverse articles.

The cover page of the magazine provides sneak of different gossips about celebrities and matters about beauty, fashion, relationships, and lifestyle. Assumptions made are that the audience is well conversant with the issues being discussed besides having an interest in gain knowledge on the trending news made by celebrities. The picture and the headlines on the cover page implies that the audience finds it enjoyable to read the gossip as they have been printed in catchy fonts and colors using persuasive vocabulary. For instance, the headline: _x0093_Angeline hands over the kids_x0094_ implies that the readers are familiar with who Angelina is, why she was giving the kids, who the kids are and to whom she was giving up the kids. The design of the cover page is in a way that the audience can use it as a glossary for accessing stories that interest them within the magazine. Most readers are likely to read the titles on the cover page and use them as guidance for reading the remaining articles.


In the article discussing Khloe_x0092_s pregnancy, the authors and editors have assumed that every reader is well acquainted with Khloe_x0092_s lifestyle as well as her history. The article just begins by stating _x0093_Khloe Kardashian couldn_x0092_t stop raving about life with Tristan Thompson._x0094_ The article goes ahead into supposing that the audience is aware of the occurrences that have been taking place in Khloe_x0092_s life and that_x0092_s why she has considered herself the happiest she has been over the years. The article presumes that the audience is aware of Khloe_x0092_s struggles with getting pregnant and the impact the pregnancy will have in her life. The article furthermore presupposes that the readers agree with their perceptions that pregnancy brings happiness in a woman life. The report claims that Khloe_x0092_s is quite excited and has decided that she will not need a nanny once the baby is born. The article has furthermore made a presumption concerning the importance of pregnancy to women by claiming the Khloe_x0092_s excitement lead her only to share her news with her close circle first while waiting to be sure of the pregnancy before sharing the news with the public.

The article believes that the information published will automatically appear credible to the audience without retrieving the information from reliable sources. Most of the information printed in the magazine mostly comes from sources only known by the authors of the article. The information seems as rumors as these sources appear only to give information from their speculations and perspectives. For instance, the source providing information concerning Khloe_x0092_s seems as inauthentic as claims have been made stating that the news was only meant for close family members. The assumption that the magazine has attached to the credibility of the audience hence begs the question on the elements that determine important and non-important news. The magazine believes every single detail revolving around the subjects discussed in the articles is of interest to the audience. Likewise, the sources of these publications guess that privacy is not a matter of importance to the subjects discussed. In Khloe_x0092_s article, the source does not care whether the subject would have liked such personal information to reach the public. The magazines imply that simply because the people discussed are celebrities; they don_x0092_t mind the public knowing the individual elements of their lives. Additionally, the audience is viewed as persons who are amused by learning the secrets and detailed information concerning the lives of other people.

In conclusion analysis of the magazine have approved that the audience has an interest in the unabashed display of the dignity, privacy, and composure present in the lives of celebrities. The Life & Style magazine has proved that different entertainment channels are willing to adopt any technique possible to keep the flow of fresh and increasingly bizarre news that can keep their audience interested. The assumptions the magazine makes about their audience is critical as it assists in the maintenance of the brand recognition. With high name recognition, the purchase of the magazine is likely to go high as the magazine satisfy the needs of the targeted audience. Moreover, the assumption assists the magazine in providing extensive information as expected by the audience. From these assumptions, it is quite clear that the masses are easily manipulated by the media as they heavily rely on media for different types of information they seek.

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October 12, 2022

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