Learning Instructions for K-12

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To effectively teach children in K-12 classrooms

To effectively teach children in K-12 classrooms, teachers can employ a variety of instructional planning techniques. Only if the teacher uses the educational approaches correctly will they be effective. Making sure to include a variety of instructional tactics as well as varied learning activities is the first planning task that teachers can take on. When it comes to giving children a variety of learning strategies they can use to improve their capacity to learn, planning is beneficial (Buss, Wetzel, Foulger, and Lindsey, 2015).

The second instructional plan: Incorporating language skills

The second instructional plan for the teachers is to incorporate the language skills that each of the students has. It will ensure that the teacher is in a position to have tailor-made instructions that can be applied in class to capture the essential language needs of the students. The third plans are for the teacher to make sure that there is a strategy that is used when it comes to communicating the expectations to students. If the expectation of the learning process is well communicated to the students, then they are in a position to understand well the instructions that they are given in class (Buss et al. 2015).

The importance of independence in instruction planning

Lastly, the teacher can plan for the instructions through ensuring that the students are independent in their thinking and actions. It is critical to ensure that students are independent which gives them room to learn more while in class and also to understand the instructions that they are given. Also, independence allows the students to self-evaluate themselves based on the progress that they have made during the entire learning period (Buss et al. 2015).


Buss, R. R., Wetzel, K., Foulger, T. S., & Lindsey, L. (2015). Preparing teachers to integrate technology into K-12 instruction: Comparing a stand-alone technology course with a technology-infused approach. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 31(4), 160-172.

February 09, 2023

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