Living In Your American Skin

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In comparison to the political world, Roxanne Harde follows the American culture. She discusses how Springsteen has the potential as an artist and writer to bring his audience into a particular culture with his own desires by creating both literary and political narratives (Roxanne). She further discusses how social justice, politics, and recession have been absorbed into American culture. There are artistic proofs deployed by the author by a study of the article. Roxanne Harde's article has a great stake in the creation of ethos, pathos, logos, and stasis theory. The paper thus follows how Ethos, Logos, Pathos, and Stasis theory have been developed effectively in the essay titled Living in your American skin.
To commence with, the writer deploys ethos to depict the character of being a credible source and is worth listening to and reading the work written. The author recognizes the stake in our shared world, the poetic depth and the density of the lyrics of a particular song. Lastly, she recognizes the enduring force and the immediacy of several narratives. She describes several works: songs and albums, by Springsteen in the essay (Roxanne). The writer has chosen appropriate language favorable for the topic as well as the audience. The author incorporates fluent English in the essay as well as French. The languages are favorable and can be clearly comprehended by the audience. In addition to that, she has made herself sound unbiased and being fair. The author clearly states the reasons why Springsteen’s lyrics have the perfect depth and density for perfect lyrics. Springsteen describes his main aim for the work is that he has tried to build a reputation in thoughtfulness (Roxanne 138). He further states how he took the song, issues and the people he was writing about seriously.
The writer lastly deploys her expertise and pedigree by using correct grammar and syntax. There is the correct use of punctuation and tenses. The author clear brings out past tense based on past events as well as present events based on current events. Based on the past events, such as the Vietnam War, the writer bases her tense on a past event. The use of commas, full stops and quotation marks have been effectively deployed by the writer. Sentences can clearly make sense throughout the essay (Roxanne). The use of tenses is correct as well as correct formatting. The references have been cited in the correct order and keywords correctly highlighted. Lastly, the author has organized the essay correctly. She first introduces the audience to the abstract where she gives a preview of the essay. She proceeds by giving an introduction then body. She concludes by giving a conclusion on the summary of the essay. She acknowledges the reprint excerpts from the copyrighted works. Consequently, the writer displays an ethical appeal (Roxanne).
In addition to that, the writer also uses pathos in the context. The author has gained the appeal of pathos by developing emotional tone and evoking emotional stories. Basically, the use of pathos deploys an emotional appeal to the context. Ralph Waldo Emerson laments that they live in a very low state of the world. He adds that they also pay unwilling tribute to the governments founded on force. The author has used pathos to gain the sympathy of the audience by making them feel exactly what the author feels. The author depicts sympathy for the narrator in Springsteen lyrics as she questions if a dream is a lie if it does not come true or the dream is something worse. The author follows how the speaker laments the things which were quite important in life, have vanished – “All which had been left were youthful memories and a darkly bitter present; both of which haunt the narrator. All that’s left for this narrator and his Mary, it seems, are youthful memories and a darkly bitter present, both of which haunt the narratorhaunt the narrator” (Roxanne 129). The author literary draws pity from the audience. 
The author also develops anger is inspired from the audience by the author. The anger inspired from the audience would be to prompt some action. Roxanne Harde describes how Springsteen became more explicit about what he was fighting for. Springsteen releases an album which places social injustice in America at the forefront. Springsteen describes racism as the disease of consensus. There is clear lamentation of political injustice and hints towards dark retributions. This was mainly aimed at eliminating the political injustice which had taken roots. There was need to stop racism. People had to accept each other in the society. Therefore, the writer persuades the audience as a result of the appeal towards emotions (Roxanne).
Not only does the author develop ethos and pathos, but also she develops logos. The author clearly convinces the audience by deploying crystal clear reasons which are logic. To commence with, the author cites several facts and clearly calculated statistics, historical events and several literal analogies. The author explains how Springsteen historicizes the contemporary circumstances by placing the circumstances alongside those of the Great Depression. Springsteen reflects how they ran record deficits. He follows how he had simultaneously cut and squeezed services like afterschool programs. There is thus construction of logical language by the writer (Roxanne).
Based on a given subject, the writer has cited specific writers. The author has cited the authors’ name, the title of the books used for referencing, the publishers of the books and year published. For instance, the book titled The Cause: The Fight for American Liberalism from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama (Roxanne). She has also quoted five songs from each song by Springsteen’s as per the permissions policy. Consequently, the author appeals to logic.
Lastly, the author develops a stasis theory on the essay. The stasis theory enables the writer determine several facts, the meaning and nature of a particular issue, the seriousness of the policy and the plan of action. The author breaks down the categories into a number of questions and subcategories hence building clear information and composing effective communications. The author follows how Ranciere investigates the essential necessity linking the modern stance of poetic utterance with that of the political subjectivity. The quest from Springsteen for justice, autonomy, freedom and the right to speak is also depicted in the essay. Springsteen essentially fights for the right of American freedom. He justifies himself by clearly bringing out all the problems the American citizens are facing (Roxanne).
The author sets out to investigate the depth and density of an essay with perfect poetry. The author also relates the lyrics poetry with the past and current political affairs. She first sets out to differentiate the politics of literature and politics of writers. The depth Springsteen applies his lyrics clearly displays the political anger he has for the country. Consequently, the author achieves a solution to the specific investigation being done (Roxanne). 
In conclusion, the author has clearly and effectively brings out the artistic proofs: Ethos, Pathos, Logos and stasis theory. The author organizes the work in a perfect way and also employs correct grammar. The references used are correctly cited. The author also brings out the clear difference between politics of literature and politics of writers. She refers to the works of Springsteen as having the correct depth and density of poetry. The political freedom being fought for in terms of literature is being impacted effectively. Indeed, there is clear justification of artistic proofs (Roxanne). 
Work Cited
Roxanne, Harde. “Living in Your American Skin”’: Bruce Springsteen and the Possibility of Politics.” Canadian Review of American Studies 1 (2013): 22. Print.

July 24, 2021


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