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Most local grocer firms have used a specific customer relations platform for several years and have phased out the old version.

ProLogic is an organization that provides customer relationship management and loyalty programs to the grocery industry. The company's reputation is focused on providing full-time assistance to consumers as well as providing high-quality services through the use of current technologies (Produce and Grocery Industry Ombudsman (Australia), 2002).

The aim of this paper is to address the management roles of ProLogic Retail Service Company. Company staff and store managers typically know most of their regular clients by names, and in most cases, they decide assortment as well as other store offering based personal interaction with these customers. Nevertheless, with large volumes of relevant data which is available to the company, these old techniques might not be enough to compete favourably with advanced analytics as well as application privy to the primary groceries.

The main challenge faced by the management is how to solve problems creatively (Produce and Grocery Industry Ombudsman (Australia), 2002). The paper will look into how ProLogic company management draw a variety of academic disciplines to assist the managers to respond to the creative problem-solving the challenge, management principles which have long been categorized into four primary functions of planning, leadership organizing as well as controlling. These four functions are interlinked when carrying out daily duties of running the company.

In the growing grocery market which is highly competitive, all the retailers, more so the independent operators, requires every advantage to have a competitive edge against the market players.

This competitive advantage is what is depicted in ProLogic Retail Company. Leveraging shopper data as well as the analytics to keep a record of the purchase behaviour, personalize marketing programs to boost great customer relation and pinpoint shopping trends is very crucial.


The company is a subsidiary of S and H Green Stamps which was initially loyalty program which dates back to 1869. After being acquired APPCard, the top shopper analytics, and personalized marketing, ProLogic has continued to come up with ways and techniques that help the retailers enhance a healthy relationship with both their customers as well as the partners.

The unique company platform identifies customer's top shoppers as well as other primary segments.

The platform also carries out buyer purchase analysis (Kumar & Reinartz, 2012). The company assists the retailers to come up with personalized, targeted offers for those shopping as well as ensuring delivery of these benefits among them printed messages, discounts, loyalty points, coupons, immediately at the point of sale. The company's marketing service team. Also, assists the retailers to achieve the most form of their marketing program by giving the guidance to boost execution of their programs effectively and efficiently.

The company provides customer engagement to reach out to the shoppers via online, POS as well as social media channels.

Also, the company offers more POS system integration as compared to other loyalty providers such as LOC, IBM, Retalix among others (Kumar & Reinartz, 2012). Furthermore, they ensure customized reward programs such as loading to card offers, sweepstakes, continuities and point programs. Promotion of reporting as well as shopper analytics is also accessible through a web-based portal of the company. There are also comprehensive services in the company which includes technical support, development, planning, testing launch and marketing assistance. Finally, the company provides mechanical learning aid which is powered by Appcard.

Analysis Planning

The plan refers to the function of management which is aimed at setting objectives as well as defining the course of action of meeting the set goals. The project needs the company management to be aware of the conditions that are environmentally related which affect the company and predict the future results. The managers are also required to be real decision makers. Strategic planning includes analysis of the competitive opportunities as well as the threats, the weaknesses and the strengths of the company. On the other hand, tactical planning is aimed at the development of means of implementing the set objectives and operational planning aims at developing action steps to support tactical plans.

ProLogic Retail Company have been in a position successfully scan the environment and identify the contingencies facing the customers regarding economic conditions as well as the economic conditions. With this, they are in a position to provide customized reward programs which includes point programs and continuities. This is one way the company has been in a position to compete with other related companies favourably (Fischer, 2010).

In every company, planners must come up with the objectives of which are the statements of what should be achieved and the time this should happen. Planners must be in a position to come up with different alternatives of achieving the set objectives. ProLogic Retail Company has set out the most efficient ways of reaching out to the customers through online and the social media (Buttle & Maklan, 2015). The company has formulated the required steps and ensured there is an effective implementation of plans by working hand in hand with the clients. In the organization platform, the customers are given the opportunity to provide feedback on the quality of services offered by the corporation. By doing so, the company is in a position to do a self-assessment. On the other hand, tactical planning is aimed at the development of means of implementing the set objectives and operational planning aims at developing action steps to support tactical plans.


Leading in every company involves both informal and social used to inspire the action carried out by the subjects. Given that the managers are effective leaders it automatically follows that the subordinate will be more enthusiastic about putting more effort to achieve the company objectives.

The leadership of ProLogic Retail Company is made up of the leaders who are experienced and dedicated is meeting the goals set by the corporation. Personality studies and research on job attitudes reveals crucial information on ways in which the managers can lead the subordinate effectively. For instance, this research indicates that for one to become a leading, the managers ought to understand subordinates, emotions, values, attitudes as well as the personalities first (Allen, 2013).

The company management motivates the staff through proper pay. Also, direct communication is provided by the managers to the workers thereby enhancing efficiency in the business. Research on leadership and leadership styles gives important on regarding issues such as features that make the manager right as well as the situation distinct leadership styles are more efficient and appropriate.


Organizing is the task of the managers which involves coming up with the organizational structure as well as human resource allocation for the accomplishment of the company objectives (Allen, 2013). The company structure acts as a framework for coordination of the efforts. Representation of the structure is always in the form of an organization chart. The chart gives a graphic representation of the chain command within the company. Making decisions on the enterprise structure are majorly termed as a business design decision. ProLogic Retail Company is organized in the form of departments to ensure efficiency and smooth running of the company

ProLogic Retail Company has tried as much as possible to bring about the balance between the requirement for workers to do jobs that entail variety and specialization. Most of the activities in the company are currently designed based on the principles including job enrichment, teamwork, and empowerment (Bertelli & Lynn, 2006). The company has done away with the traditional departments to put more focus on listening and responding to the needs of the customers. From team huddles to company-wide meetings, Prologic retail company workers understand and know their clients and how they can be serviced best by the firm.


ProLogic Retail Company has ensured that the productivity does not vary by standard performance establishment, carrying out correction measures when necessary and comparing actual performance against standards. Through the use of the platform, the company can make shopper purchase analysis. The analysis will enable the company to gauge the progress and find out whether the number of sales per day is increasing or decreasing. Customer acquisition analysis therefore enables the company to carry out control. The company usually checks the performance standards based on the total number of sales as well as the monitory terms including profits and the revenue generated (Bertelli & Lynn, 2006).

The 20 years experience in the loyalty market enables the company to carry out control efficiently. The company works closely with grocery retailers to develop customized loyalty solution and unique requirements as well as improving profits and the retailer's sales. The company is dedicated to enhancing its control measures by combining marketing platform, customer support, consulting as well as technology. The company has also ensured targeted marketing campaign and both simple and complex coupons.

The companies' budgeting process has been developed and enhanced by focusing on client services such as strategic planning, analytics as well as reporting. These customer services enable the company finance team to predict on required costs. This can also allow the company to predict the returns through the sale.

Furthermore, controlling needs a precise knowledge of where role of where the standard deviation lies. The company majorly uses performance and budget audit techniques. The company examines and verifies sales to the retailers and record them. A budget review by the company is carried out to give information on the position of the business in respect to what was previously budgeted for or planned (Buttle & Maklan, 2015). A performance audit is performed to find out whether the figures in books are the reflection of the real performance. Even though control is seen in financial criteria perspective, managers ought to control operation processes, production, and compliance with the company policies.


In conclusion, the management duties of planning, leading, organizing and controlling needs to be considered widely considered since they are the best means to describe the work done by the manager's while at the same time it acts as the most convenient way to classify the information accumulated on the study of the management (Fischer, 2010). Despite the existence of many changes in the environment faced by the company management as well as the tools being utilized by the managers to accomplish their roles, the managers still carry out important tasks.


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