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Action and Discipline

Action or inaction that is governed by a system of administration is referred to as discipline. It necessitates proper execution of duty, and the best way to instill it in someone is to appeal to their sense of logic. (Weber, 2016). If the person's attempt to use reason fails, they instead receive unfavorable reinforcement in the form of a penalty that serves as a warning to them not to violate the law. Additionally, control is strengthened by praising and rewarding accomplishments. Discipline is vital since it helps one to remain focused on a goal, contributes to order in a society or a group, and assists in building self-control and restraint.

The Importance of Discipline

Setting a goal is an easy task since it only involves deciding that by a specific time, one wants to have achieved this or that objective. However, the process of attaining that goal is usually lined with hurdles and discouragement, and without a sharp focus, one might give up (Weber, 2016). Jim Rohn stated, "discipline is the difference between goals and accomplishment." In the face of challenges and difficulties, only discipline can push someone to remain on course. To illustrate, consider soldiers at war protecting their country, and through an unfortunate incident, they have lost their general. Without a precise adherence to the system of governance, the officers might start engaging in supremacy battles, and with this, they would lose the focus of the mission, making it easy for the enemy to defeat them. However, adhering to the guiding principles ensures that the team stays focused no matter what so that in the end, they will succeed in protecting their motherland (Osiel, 2017). Thus, discipline helps people to remain focused on a goal.

Discipline and Social Order

Secondly, discipline contributes to order in society or a group. If everyone had the right to do what they deemed fit, the world would be full of evil since some individuals would see no problem in taking other people's wives or making other people their slaves (Weber, 2016). However, due to adherence to the system of governance that regulates the behavior of one person towards another, a country can maintain social order. Also, discipline contributes to order within a group or profession. For instance, while at war, soldiers are guided by the rules of combat, and this achieves order and ensures that the group is engaging in coordinated efforts that will amount to victory. It is no wonder Washington observed that, "discipline is the soul of an army" (Osiel, 2017).

Building Self-Control and Restraint

Finally, discipline helps a person to build self-control and restraint. In most times, people experience strong impulses that call for instant gratification. Without adherence to governing rules, one might do something that they will regret later (Inzlicht, Schmeichel & Macrae, 2014). For example, if two people disagree on an issue, the lack of self-control could make one individual harm the other. However, discipline forces one to evaluate alternatives and use their willpower to avoid negative consequences that come when they fail to adhere to the rules and regulations. For that reason, discipline helps one to build self-restraint.


To sum up, the discussion above has illustrated that discipline is essential both at a personal and societal level. At a personal level, it helps one to remain focused on a goal, and as well, it builds self-control in an individual. At a societal level, discipline leads to a social order which is vital in promoting a cohesive coexistence among people.


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July 15, 2023

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