Meeting Oppression

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The use of rhetoric is directed at approaching these particle people and convincing them of the nature of ways of dealing with the injustice they face every day, in the most heinous ways that will result in them emerging unoppressed at the end of the day, which is what the oppressed desire in their lives, to be free of oppression.

The article's main audience is marginalized people in society, but it also contains skeptics in a viewpoint discussed by Martin Luther on the means of overcoming injustice.

The audience targeted in this section of the skeptics is the reader population. In the article, “The Ways of Meeting Oppression” the author uses the ethos rhetorical aspect in raising his credibility and authority by, for instance, relating to other re-known writers.

For purposes of invoking the credibility and the authority of the presented information in the article, Ethos is used. Ethos puts] much emphasis on the claim rather than the individual. It addresses and raises the concept of absolute values in the provided information that makes them capable of supporting an idea in the article.

By quoting Shakespeare, the author can raise the idea of his credibility in the writing which focusses on reaching the skeptic individuals in the audience. Using the quote, therefore, introduces the reader to the credibility of the concepts raised by the writer on the idea.

Ethos lays the foundation for the further explanations provided in the article. In other words, provides evidence to justify the assertions the authority and expertise on a given topic can be driven by the author using this rhetoric approach. An example in the article is “As Shakespeare pointed out than flee to others that they know not of.” The use of Shakespeare in this part of the article raises the characters of the idea of the sense of credibility and authority of the author of the intended message that the reasoning on the part of the group that has been destined and how they respond to the idea of being oppressed. Logos provides an explanation of what is usually done when dealing with particular phenomenal and the resulting consequences


Rhetoric's provide a clear overview of the importance, significance, and consequence of a given phenomenal in the article through providing the necessary supportive evidence

November 03, 2022



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