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My Journey in Education and Economics

My parents have always stressed the importance of education in a person's life since I was a child. I grew up as the second child of three brothers, with a stay-at-home mother and a working father who struggled to provide for the family. Throughout my childhood, I aspired to follow in my father's footsteps, to own a company, and make a name for myself by working as hard as I could. My father has always encouraged me to go to school, insisting that I finish my studies and find a stable career. My father stressed that skipping school would only make my life more complicated. Having school as the best option for me, I decided to major in economics, though my primary interest had been starting and operating a business. Economics attracted me because it elaborates on the important topics about the society; it is practically the core of every working economy. Something that makes Economics interesting to me is the fact that it is always changing depending on our modern world, dictating societal dynamics. Learning Economics is useful for decision making in everyday life, and understanding the economic behaviors of our society.

Exploring Economics Beyond the Classroom

Outside of school, I try to read on Economic trends, issues, and topics that interest me as much as I can, to fully get a feel for what interests me. One book that caught my attention was "Freakonomics" by S Levitt and S Dubner, which uses the methods of economics to explain the world's most interesting topics, from the truths about real estate agents to the KKK. The way that the authors explain prevalent topics regarding Economics is what I admire about this book. This book and others that I have read on economics have been one of the contributing factors to my appreciation for economics.

An Economic Perspective in Everyday Life

Besides taking Economics classes at school, I always think about all my decision and actions from an Economic perspective. Through managing my family's convenience store, I have acquired certain skills that I did not have before. Making decisions about supply and demand and efficiently supplying goods with limited resources are among the few skills that I am fortunate enough to learn. Whenever I watch TV, I find myself analyzing advertisements that other people ignore, thinking about the concepts used and the effectiveness of the adverts to the target market. Whenever I play chess, I always try to find the best possible way to minimize the number of moves I make while maximizing the effectiveness of each move for an easy and quick win.

Passion and Growth in Economics

I am confident that learning economics will provide me with the ability to pose, and answer questions about the way the society operates economically. I am hoping that like-minded students will help increase my passion in economics, by sharing thoughts and encouraging me to be competitive and develop theories of my own.

October 20, 2022

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