Natural Steps

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The Natural Step, a sustainability framework strategy established by Karl-Henrik, has seen a lot of success in organizations all over the world over the years. Its implementation in organizations has resulted in considerable growth inside businesses. Because of its global presence, the framework's impact has been felt globally, with organizations adopting and applying it in their systems.

Backcasting is one of its essential processes, according to Stenzel (2011). Backcasting is an important idea because it allows an organization to plan for a specific future outcome. As a result, this process requires the organization to be creative and imaginative in order to define and work toward the goals. By adopting backcasting the organization is able to adopt latest updates and be ready for the future which will make the organization relevant worldwide. Sustainability should be incorporated as one of the considerations by organizations. Sustainability helps the organization to maximize profits, reduce wastage, create good working conditions and maximize on investments which is a key asset to the IT organization.

The CIO should develop a reasoned response mainly because it is consistent with the organizational objectives. A reasoned response will adopt policies and plans which are in line with organizational objectives and this will ensure that the measures taken are beneficial to the organization. IT strategy in an organization is an important component in decision making because it ensures the organization has structures and plans put in place. These plans and structures ensure that effort is made in achieving organizational objectives, monitoring performance and ensuring the business operation is well aligned with its goals. By incorporating IT strategy, an organization is assured of sustainability, growth, and relevance in the market both locally and internationally.


Stenzel, J. (2010) Evolution of networks into networking, in CIO best practices: enabling strategic value with information technology, (2nd Ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc. doi: 10.1002/9781118269206.ch7

May 10, 2023

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