New insight gained after completing module 3

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Strategy implementation is the transformation of a chosen strategy into an organizational activity in order to achieve strategic goals and objectives ( David and David, 2016). Its main aim is efficiency. SI (strategy implementation) issues can arise as a result of duty shifting, particularly if strategy formulation decisions are made without the knowledge of lower and middle-level managers. It is critical to include all managers in SF (strategy formulation) for a successful SI ( David and David, 2016). Clarity, communication, and strategy cascade are also vital. For example, in an organization, strategy should be defined properly and disseminated to all management on time. Managing conflict in a business organization.

Conflict in a business organization can be caused by the mutual dependence of objectives as well as competition for resources that are limited. Conflict is not bad since can help managers in identifying problems ( David and David, 2016).

How the 4 organizational structures work

They include functional, matrix, divisional and project-based (Proctor et al, 2013). They help in defining the roles and duties of the department members, workgroup or organization. A good structure will allow members to effectively work together hence creating hard work ethics as well as attitude.

The most difficult point in the lesson.

The most difficult point to me is the matrix structure and how it operates. This is because it depends upon both horizontal and vertical flows of communication and authority (Proctor et al, 2013). Although the project goals are clear it is costly and requires a lot of understanding and trust.

How I will apply the lessons I learned in my professional life

As an organization manager, I will be ready for any conflict that comes on my path of business. I will be able to identify and solve problems, therefore, making my organization to be competitive. Again, with the knowledge of the four organizational structures, I will educate my team about their roles and responsibilities in the organization (Proctor et al, 2013).


David, F., & David, F. R. (2016). Strategic management: A competitive advantage approach, concepts and cases.

Proctor, E. K., Powell, B. J., & McMillen, J. C. (2013). Implementation strategies: recommendations for specifying and reporting. Implementation Science, 8(1), 139.

May 17, 2023

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