Nurse Administrator's Decision to Obtain a Graduate Degree

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The nurse holds an MSN degree in Pediatric care, Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) degree, and an MSN leadership degree.

Current position

The nurse is a registered pediatric nurse practitioner, currently holding the position of nurse administrator in CAL facilities.

Educational Requirements for the position he is currently holding

The nurse administrator narrates that, the minimum educational requirement for holding the position is Bachelor's degree in nursing. He adds that most of the nurse administrators hold master's degree or a post master's certificate which tends to make a master's degree standard for the position (McPherson, 2003). Besides, clarifies that one must be a registered nurse (RN).

The program characteristics considered when researching possible graduate programs

One of the program characteristics considered by the nurse administrator in selecting a graduate program was the minimum education requirements for one to qualify which included the number of credits earned in the previous nursing course (Kastrinos, 2013). The nurse administrator gave an example that, for him to qualify for masters of Science in nursing program (leadership) he was required to have a two years work experience, and to have earned 81 credits in the various related courses. Besides, the nurse administrator considered the benefits or the connection of each program in line with his previous nursing education and experience. For example, in his case, he concentrated on the tuition cost, financial aid, student fees, and scholarship opportunities. He also adds that he also reviewed the period of study and cost of the program and the learning options such as the ability to study online, part-time, online or full time. Also, he outlines that, he compared the length of the program and the tuition fees.

Graduate degrees considered

The nurse administrator narrated that, he had a variety of graduate degrees to choose, but decided to consider a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) degree, MSN degree in Pediatric care, and an MSN leadership degree.

Factors that influence the Nurse Administrator decision to obtain the above graduate degrees

Nurse administrator also narrated that; his decision was mainly influenced by the passion to become a pediatrician and to assume a leadership position in the nursing field. Besides, he outlines that the courses were all interrelated and connected to each, such as the BSN degree which formed the basis of undertaking an MSN degree in specialization in pediatric care, which further lead him to study an MSN in leadership. Another factor that stimulated him to consider the above degree was the considerable cost undertaking the program and the actual period of study, as he did not want to waste single semester learning without working which could have been avoided. Besides, his decision was influenced by the availability of online classes, which saved him travelling cost and time. Moreover, he highlighted that his good grades and work experience were also a crucial factor that influenced his decision to consider the graduate degrees.

Response in relation to further education

Surprisingly, the nurse administrator highlighted that he was yet to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor and a professor. Thus, he still has much to study to fulfill his dream and vision. He outlined in two years time; he will be undertaking a doctoral degree in nursing: healthcare administration. The primary motivation for taking the doctoral program will be to conduct thorough research in coming up with a solution on significant challenges encountered by nurse managers and nurse leaders in healthcare administration, such as solving critical ethical dilemmas.


Kastrinos, W. (2013). Factors to Consider in Choosing a Health Profession. The American

Biology Teacher, 40(4), 224-235.

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1920–1942. In Bedside Matters: The Transformation of Canadian Nursing, 1900-1990 (pp. 115-163). University of Toronto Press.

October 13, 2023

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