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People all over the world have long been perplexed and curious about the origins of blonde hair and blue eyes. According to a 2008 study, all people with blue eyes are descended from a single ancestor who lived eight thousand years ago on the Black Sea coast. Blondes first appeared about eleven thousand years ago during the last ice age and have since evolved to be huge characters in mythology (Blonde Hair 16). They have a fascinating heritage that includes ancient myths, civilization, migration, and human origins. Blonde hair in the western culture is basically linked with naivety, innocence and youth but according to culture, it has realized a considerable evolution back from its roots to its level this date.

The ancestors, Sif and Freyja, the Norse goddesses were both blondes. Sif was the wife of the god Thor and was popular because of her golden hair and was seen as the most beautiful compared to all the women. She at some point had Loki, the god of mischief shave off her hair. Her blonde hair symbolized prosperity and fertility in agriculture. Freyja was then characterized as a goddess of fertility, beauty and love. She had blue eyes and blonde hair and people saw her as the fairest of all goddesses. The Norse people mostly prayed for her for assistance when it came to love and to help with childbirth. She was known to help when it came to wars, death and battles, wealth, prophecy and magic (Verhaag 31). The history of blue eyes and blonde hair is quite a mystery.

Originally, human beings had brown eyes, but due to genetic variation related to OCA2 gene, it resulted in recognizable changes in the pigment levels produced by various people therefore leading to the emergence of distinct shades of brown. Scientists well set with thus information had for several years looked for the blue eyes source on the OCA2 gene but their effort became fruitless. A mutation to develop a separation, in the recent years, a close gene HERC2 was viewed as the main reason why blue eyes exist. This kind of disruption switches off OCA2 gene known to determine the brown pigment melanin levels that we establish (Slaughter 23). When humans first migrated from Africa to Europe, the thought developed that each individual with blue eyes is definitely a descendant of one early European.

Natural blonde hair, according to genetics, is caused by the pigment deficiency called eumelanin. It results in the color that blondes have. Natural blondes are very popular in the Northern Europe, specifically places around the Baltic Sea. Today, blonde_x0092_s migration is realized globally to even America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. It is fact that blue eyes and blonde hair people alive today have the same mutation and gives considerable evidence regarding various theories. The identity of their ancestors however still remains a mystery (Blonde Hair 17). The oldest skeleton, sapphire-colored peepers found seven thousand years ago, have since had its eyes decaying, and through genetic analysis it was revealed that they appear blue in color.

The realization that an uncommon mutation, maybe had to disperse in c colonization_x0092_s rapid wave which came after the last ice age, illustrates huge human evolution mysteries. It reveals the oddness of the Europeans. Europeans have a variety of characteristics that separate them from all other humans around the globe. They have blue eyes, hair color than other ethnic groups and an extended range of skin tones. Europe has the highest population of brunettes, olive skins and pale skins, green-eyed and blue-eyed, redheads and blonde human living together in the same community. The rest of the globe has a high population of uniformly dark-eyed and dark-haired human way different from the Europeans (Mustazza 27). Weather in Europe is usually cold and the dark skies according to some theories played a role. About 8 percent of the population of the world has blue eyes and weak sunlight realized in the northern latitudes.

Black people have been found to also have a smaller percentage of blue eyes individuals. According to scientists, this is because of the Waardenburg syndrome or genetic mutations. The rare disease is characterized by the sensorineural deafness linked to the pigment anomalies and the neural-crest-derived tissue defects. However, there is an historic section linking Africans to Europe_x0092_ colonization over ten thousand years ago. They are said to the earliest Homo sapiens to migrate across Europe to South Pacific and Asia (Sinatra, Barbara, and Wendy Holden 41). It is imagined that some of these blacks with blue eyes might have got these characteristic from their ancient ancestors through inheritance, together with inter-marriages that might happened during Europe_x0092_s colonization of Africa. We therefore conclude that all blue eyed and blond people originated from the same ancestors or are linked somehow. They all undergone inheritance similar ways at a specific spot in their DNA. They have the exact sequence in their genes.


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December 08, 2022

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