Outbound Marketing Metrics

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Managers use many metrics to measure the effectiveness of outbound marketing approaches like direct mail, public relations campaigns and radio advertising and inbound marketing approaches like social media placement and in-person interactions. 

            According to Abraham et al. (2015), the first way of measuring an advertising approach's effectiveness is campaign tracking. For example, the manager can record the historical number of customers served in a particular store before the advert and compare the data to the number of customers served after the advertisement approach. If the promotional response data indicates a higher number of customers compared to the historical data, the marketing manager can conclude that the advertising approach is effective. Secondly, the marketing manager can offer incentives to clients in the form of discounts to know if they are relying on the advertisements to make purchases (Lindsay, Bruich& Smallwood, 2014). For example, a voucher number can be inserted in a website and customers allowed to redeem the vouchers for a 5% discount. Sales’ comparison is the third way to determine an advertisement approach’s effectiveness. There could be a possibility that promotional response and historical data do not show a significant difference yet the sales indicate an upward trend after advertisements.  Finally, according to Lindsay, Bruich& Smallwood (2014), the store can get to know how the number of referrals due to the advertisements.  Besides, the store can track the number of customers calling through a specified number in adverts, like a store’s website, to estimate the number of customers who have been reached by the campaign.

            Historical data and promotional response information help a marketing manager in assessing the effectiveness of an approach.  For example, if the historical data shows that fewer customers visited the store compared to the after-campaign advert, the approach can be said to be effective (Abraham et al. 2015).


            Measurement metrics like sales tracking are necessary for determining a marketing campaign’s success. However, managers should consider that some approaches take a shorter time to change the overall performance of business than other methods.


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