Perception Map of Hello Kitty

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Cobranding is also known as brand partnership; it is a marketing strategy that involves two or more companies coming together to create a market synergy. Hello Kitty has co-branded with many worldly known companies such as Forever 21 - fashion company, McDonald's- a dealer in fast foods and beverages, and Tervis – biggest footwear retailer in the United States.


All the brands mentioned above have a good fit with Hello Kitty. For instance, there is a good fit between McDonald's and Hello Kitty because McDonald's is a business for fast foods and beverages and could use Hello Kitty to depict a cute little girl looking for a food joint. Walmart proves to be a nice fit with Hello Kitty since cute little girls like shopping and can find whatever they are looking for in Walmart. Besides, Forever 21 deals with clothes. Cute little girls (Hello Kitty) love shopping for cute outfits. All the above examples demonstrate the excellent fit between Hello Kitty and the co-brands.


The target markets for each of the co-branded offerings differ due to their different lines of business and can depend on age, gender or purchasing capacity. For example, the target market for Forever 21 comprises of the young girls who are into fashion. Secondly, Tervis targets those young sports lovers and athletes.


Hello Kitty looks like a toy, it has mass appeal and cuteness that attracts both the young and the elderly.

Question 2a

Brand image is the general picture that potential or real customers have in their mind about a product. Hello Kitty has a solid brand image all over the world.

Question 2b

Hello Kitty has cartons, and the main competitor is Disneyworld and Walt Disney.

Question 2c

The primary determinant attributes for Hello Kitty are the cute image and the bright colors chosen. The major competitor is Disneyworld which favorably has colorful pictures. On a scale of 1 to 5, Hello Kitty still has a higher influence.

Question 2d

To write a perceptual map, one needs to identify the two determinant attributes, listing the competitors and finally creating scores for the brands.

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