PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique)

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For project planning, a PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) diagram is employed. In a project timetable, the user may identify which activities will be completed first and which will be completed later. PERT is a serial system. It employs nodes and arrows pointing to nodes (Vysm, 2014). This research will create a PERT diagram for changing the oil in a car.

To create a PERT diagram, the research must first create a Gant Chart for the complete process, which takes about 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

3Min 5Min 15Min 3Min 5Min 2Min 5Min

A Requirements

Requirements: engine oil, oil filter, oil filter gasket, container for used oil, rags, rubber mallet, mat, safety glasses, and dustcoat



When the engine is cold, ignite and let it run for 5 min. if it is hot, wait for 40 min to avoid being burnt.

Secondly, spread a plastic mat under the car, jack up the car, and have your tools place ready to start the job.


Pull the plug

This allows the old oil to flow out. Clean the drain and install a new gasket.


Remove the oil filter

Remove the old oil filter and ensure it comes with the rubber gasket


Put a new oil filter

After putting the new oil filter, close the drain of the oil pan


Pour new oil in the engine

Pour it in the right quantity


Bring the car down from

Bring the car down and check the oil quantity then it is done.

The PERT diagram shall relate to the Gantt Chart above and is designed below.







G. 5

According to the diagram, nodes indicate the critical path while the arrows show the non-critical path. The entire process takes at most 45 min from the beginning to the end as indicated by the nodes. However, in our situation, the arrows indicate duration of 38 min on a higher end and 36min on a lower end.

Nodes and Arrows

The circles with numbers inside are the nodes. Each circle represents the maximum number of minutes a person can take to finish each process. The arrows show the number of minutes I take to finish the entire process. The first node is marked 5min, which is the maximum time taken to prepare, in this case, gather the tools such as engine oil, oil filter, oil filter gasket, container for used oil, rags, rubber mallet, mat, safety glasses, and dustcoat. The second node is marked 7min, which is the maximum time the person takes warm the engine and jack up the car. Node 3 is the maximum time taken to pull the plug and allow the oil to flow out and this can take a maximum of 20 min. The fourth node is marked 4min, which is the maximum time taken to pull out the old oil filter, while the 5th one shows that it takes 5 min to put a new one. The fifth and sixth one show the maximum time taken to pour new oil and bring the car down.

The arrows show the actual time I take and they reflect the Gantt Chart. Process A takes 3 min and process B takes 7 min. However, it can take 6 min to move from A to C, if the person has all the tools ready. Process C takes 15min, Process D takes 3min, Process E 5 min, and process F & G both take 5 min.


Vysm, R. (2014). What they didn't tell you about project management : in class. Calwell, A.C.T: Inspiring Publishers.

April 06, 2023


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