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Tooth Brushing vs Chlorhexidine in Decreasing VAP Risks

For most patients in intensive care units who require endotracheal intubation or mechanical ventilation, ventilator asso...

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Distinguishing Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP)

Differentiating Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a vital step in ...

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Infiltration of microbial agents in the parenchyma of the lungs causes pneumonia

Pneumonia is caused by the infiltration of microbial pathogens into the lung parenchyma. In turn, the infiltration produ...

238 views 2 pages ~ 356 words
Risk factors in drug-resistant pneumococcal pneumonia

Streptococcus pneumoniae is a pathogen that is commonly seen in community-acquired pneumonia. It is the major cause of p...

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The essay about pneumonia

The pneumonia severity index in the options includes all of the aforementioned except those aged 65 or older. This is be...

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Pneumonia - Signs and Symptoms

Pneumonia can be a very serious illness and should be treated immediately. Here are the main signs and symptoms and some...

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