Prevention and Treatment of Cardiomyopathy

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Cardiomyopathy and its Types

Cardiomyopathy is a term used to describe a group of disorders that affect the heart, primarily the heart muscles. The heart muscles assist in the job of pumping blood, and cardiomyopathy interferes with how the heart performs this function. This disorder causes the heart's walls to stiffen, interfering with its function. Cardiomyopathy can be caused by a number of different disorders, such as arteriosclerosis. Cardiomyopathy is classified into two types: dilated and restricted cardiomyopathy. The majority of them have a high risk of resulting in heart failure.

Patient Introduction

This paper outlines how I would approach a patient, Mr. P, who has cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure, in order to assist him and his family in managing his illness. As in the report, it is apparent that Mr. P has suffered from cardiomyopathy and congested heart failure for some time and that his life is significantly affected. It is also clear that he not only suffers from his health condition but also has an underlying mental unrest. He has lost hope in life and wished that his life would end. Also, because Mr. P is in charge of financial issue and is no longer able to do that, his wife is obligated to strive for financial purposes.

Approach to Mental Health

In my initial approach to dealing with Mr. P's present health and mental condition, I would recommend a counselor. The counselor would help not only Mr. P but also his wife as she has also undergone trauma in dealing with her husband and adjusting to the changes at hand unwillingly. The counselor would help change the patient's view on life, consequently making him develop a positive attitude towards his well-being. Financially, I would advise attempting to make contact with a non-governmental organization that has a relation to health. Some of such agencies may be willing to support Mr. P for his well-being.

Treatment Recommendations

Regarding treatment, I would advocate for several forms of medication to manage the condition depending on the extent of the disease. The first significant medication that I would recommend for Mr. P would be ACE inhibitors. It is a group of drugs whose function is to widen the lumen of the blood vessels to regain and facilitate the blood flow process. The drugs work against the conditions by opening the blood vessel lumen. An example of such drugs is the angiotensin. ACE inhibitors do widen not only the lumen but also increase the blood pressure. Another potential group of medications for the patient's condition would be Beta-blockers. Their crucial role, in this case, would be to moderate the heartbeat rate such that the patient is not under pressure. This group of drugs is essential in the management of congestive heart failure as it reduces the congestion at heart (The Mayo Clinic Staff, 2017).

Educating the Patient and Family

In ensuring that the patient and his family have adequate information about the condition at hand, I would find a most convenient way and that each of them sees comfortable. The best method that I would apply in this case would be direct information about the patient. I would consequently keep on informing the patient and his family on how they should care for the patient and manage the condition. The rationale behind this technique is that the patient may develop a trust in me as the one caring for him and is consequently most likely to heed to my advice. One of the main issues I would emphasize on would be on the change of lifestyle of the patient. Lifestyle change is a critical factor in the management of most chronic conditions (The American Heart Association, 2017).

Teaching Plan for the Patient

Upon settling on the method I would use for educating the patient about his condition, I have a teaching plan that entails how I intend to achieve my goals with the patient. First, I would make it known to the patient and his family, the vital information concerning heart failure. It would be necessary, as the wife will now understand what the husband experiences. I will accompany the learning by some videos related to heart failure and cardiomyopathy. The videos would make the teaching more effective. I would also advise the client to visit a health practitioner regularly for check-ups. It would also provide the patient with a chance to interact with individuals with similar health conditions, which may give them, hope. Mr. P would even have to get in contact with a counselor frequently to help him cope with his disease psychologically (The National Heart Foundation, 2017).

Awareness and Control

Cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure are conditions that both relate to the cardiovascular system. It is important to put such conditions under control as they are usually most likely to be chronic infections and one may have to put up with them for a lifetime. Consequently, it is necessary for the public to be aware of such diseases and how to deal with them.


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