Principles of Organizing Case Study

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Specialization is a strategy made by a corporation to identify and differentiate agencies in order for them to focus on producing a limited range of products or services. In essence, specialization is intended to assist a corporation in achieving maximum productivity, effective leadership, and knowledge in the specified subject. Furthermore, it offers to improve business performance and assist the organization in winning in the market industry depending on the available skills. There are various traits that a person transferring to Nike's new online department may have that a person with only marketing experience does not. First, a new and efficient online marketer requires patience as one needs the right timing to execute their actions in the different platforms.

This is not necessary for a person with strictly marketing experience since they have outlined strategies that they adhere to for success. Second, for online marketing, an individual needs to gain and maintain trust and confidence from their followers. As such, they must keep high principles and values consistently. This is not necessary for strictly marketing people as they physically approach the potential customers. Finally, online marketers have additional online techniques and styles that help them strengthen their tactics towards achieving their goals. This is not a requirement for those with strictly marketing experience in a given organization.

2. Essentially, a span of control explains how many subordinates a manager supervises; managers monitoring few employees have a narrow span of control, while those managing many workers have a wide span. The type of span control exhibited in the Nike case study is a wide span of control since it entails a manager being entirely in charge of many employees. The company has decided not to create a hierarchy of different responsibilities and levels of employees. In most situations, a wide span of control is appropriate and efficient if the jobs in question are routine or straightforward; in this case, the tasks are routine. Moreover, as mentioned in the study, there is no strict hierarchy; instead, all employees have been accorded the same amount of power in decision making processes concerning online development and new product creation.

As such staff members have the freedom and authority over the new online department and its outcomes. Since the company seeks to hire an online communication manager, it means that the staff employed in this new unit will be experienced and well-trained. Therefore, the company will exercise wider spans of control as the staff will need less supervision. It is of the essence to recognize that Nike has opted to forgo bureaucracy, an aspect that has allowed the business to adopt wider spans of control in the new department.

3. In my opinion, there will be improved coordination in Nike’s marketing activities, which be influenced by the proposed reorganization of the department. First, the company has laid plans in advance, an aspect that contributes to the successful restructuring of an organization. This strategy ensures that all the problems, needs and support services required are addressed before the process begins. Second, it is evident that Nike seeks to create a team of experts, which is flexible. As a result, the employees will freely discuss essential concepts that will aid in the efficient development of the company; also teamwork will promote higher performance for the business in the market.

It is of the essence to realize that Nike is cutting down on complexity by giving equal powers to all employees in the decision making process. Moreover, such an approach helps the company cut down on the cost of operation, which translates into cost efficiency in running the business. The roles and responsibilities of the workforce have been outlined depending on the skills of an individual. As a result, employees have tasks that do not overload them, thereby promoting effectiveness. However, it is crucial for Nike to make sure that they lay more emphasis on the importance of quality in product development and in maintaining the brand image on the online platform. From the above plans undertaken by Nike, it is evident that reorganization will improve the marketing activities for the company.

4. The classical principles of organizing are comprised of different aspects, which must be addressed to ensure successful restructuring. In essence, Nike’s proposed reorganization ideally reflect the principles of organizing. For instance, it is evident that the company aims at introducing a new unit through specialization. This will allow the new department to adopt a wide spine of control for its employees and in restructuring. As a result, workers in the new unit will exercise freedom and equal decision rights in new product creation and online development.

Moreover, the plan advocates for one manager who will be in charge of all employees who will occasionally report to the director of marketing and online communications. Therefore, the different department in the company will act independently unless there are specific consultations required. Also, there is unity in terms of command since Nike has avoided establishing a strict hierarchy. Regarding responsibilities and authority, the proposed reorganization plan outlines the tasks and duties of every individual. Therefore, the restructuring expected to be executed in the company is a representation of the classical principles of organizing. As a result, there is a high possibility of successful reorganization, attributed to the prior planning and incorporation of all required concepts.

May 17, 2023

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