Project Lifecycle Stages

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The topic of sorts of stages in the project life cycle on information technology is currently being provided with contentious debates in modern culture. The following are the results of a survey conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The need of offering complete analyses and explanations of various topics is critical for others to properly understand the entire topic with minimal obstacles. The document, on the other hand, carefully examines the similarities and variations that emerge between the relevant reports that comply and differ in information about the topic of study that must be addressed. The text also attempts to come up with various determinations on the action of factors on the type of stages it compliance with the ensuing years.

It detailed, the opposition and support from different factors have been candidly explained. The opposition faced is in correspondent to the types of elements. In addition, the support given in this paper relates every item to the various factors in the reports. While clarifying the issue of support and opposition, different perspectives were employed (Auger, 2014). The recent status of the project is also addressed at lengthy. The paper concludes by an argument with relevant predictions on the future directions to be taken in ensuring that future projects are better compared to the current reports on stages in project life cycle in Information Technology across the globe. The overall position of this paper is to elaborate and bring attention to individuals on steps in project lifecycle by primarily addressing almost all the parts in the topic of the essay.

Context during the Time of Recommendation


The context at which recommendations were made can be traced to the time when the project was at the level of closeout phase. At this stage, various issues do happen. Firstly, there are important lessons that are being posed out. Secondly, there are elaborations on the questions from the project. Lastly, since the report is documented, it is evident the future reports on the project will be short of problems compared to the current report (Helming, 2013).


About the arguments posed in closeout phase, it can understand the amicable recommendations were put in during that context. The study indicates that during closeout phase, there are explanations on other related topics, which imply that recommendations can be drawn from the question that originates from those related sources (Kowalczuk et al. 2014). The issue of proper handling of the extra sources automatically means that recommendations can found in the additional source. Also, documenting the report for future research can provide some recommendations for the improvement of the future source of the report.

Similarities and Differences between Two Reports

Evidently, both the two reports that are talking about the same thing, there are chances that there will some common aspects in them. These could be the general outlook of the topic on the reports as well as the use of standard terms in the writing of the report. The kind of the sameness of the texts is usually no deliberately but due to the issue of originality of the texts (Zhao et al. 2015). However, some differences often arise from them since the writers have different abilities of the author in writing as well as the writers understanding of concepts on a certain topic.

Similarities on the Two Reports

Analysis of the Sameness in the Two Reports

The first similarity is the general knowledge in the two reports. In the first report, the message of the report was similar to the second report. Evidently, both reports were talking about stages in project life cycle on Information Technology (IT). Also, the first and the second reports have structures with the same format in presenting the information on Information Technology.

Explanation on the Similarity of the Two Reports

The first and second explanation of the reports on stages in life cycle on Information technology had it that the thesis statement was common between them. It is also evident that terms like Project Life Cycle (PLC) have been used in common between the two writings. On the other hand, realizing the objective of the work relates to both the first and the second report.

Differences between the Two Reports

Analysis of the Differences between the Two Reports

In the projects, there are various variations in terms presentation. The first report works the use of more professional language compared to the second report.

Explanation on the Differences

Words like Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a professional terminology in Information Technology and has been used in the first report while in the second report on a few technical terms were employed. The knowledge of the differences indicates how various texts on the same topic are written differently.

Actions Employed During The Reports Ensuing.

The actions taken in the report are primarily for the implementation since the report has it that is the issue of planning and understanding of the concept is put into consideration for the effective running of the project. The report on Information Technology also attempts to include the technical terms like software Engineering among others.

Support and Challenges Faced In the Report

Support faced, the report got the ideological motivation from various stakeholders who generate ideas that are important for the collective good of the project (Kowalczuk et al. 2014). Members of the project are likely to find ideas from other people who one time studied on the same project or from new scholars who joined the project.

However, the report may face challenges when the topic of study and in this context is on Information Technology fail to meet the appropriate goals that were being set by the stakeholders. Other aspects of false findings of the report are also some of the challenges faced on the report. The obligation lies with the entire group in the project report to come up with the reasonable solution that can help in handling the challenges that are on their way.

Current status of the Information Technology project

Analysis of the Current Status In Information Technology

Assessing the current situation of a project is imperative. The present state of the project dwells on the current mechanisms employed in information technology where what is termed as the phase (Kowalczuk et al. 2014). The study has it that the term is used to refer the System Development Cycle (SDLC) where some Information Technology projects are done.

Explanation of the Current Project

The report has explained that the hardware and software in Information technology project work in coordination to ensure that the set objective has been attained. The implication is that the current state of the project depends much on technology (Kowalczuk et al. 2014)

Future Directions on the Report

The paper touched various aspects on the project. It is, therefore, necessary for the future research and reports to improve on the study by coming up with less costly projects compared to the current ones. In addition, various limitations or challenges across various stages of the project need to be ironed out to achieve the best from Information Technology.


Auger, F. (2014). Signal processing with free software: Practical experiments. London: Iste.

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May 10, 2023

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