Reflection on the Feedback on the Information Summary

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Reflecting on previous work

Reflecting on previous work done, experiences, and information about specific life aspects is always a significant undertaking. It aids in clarifying thoughts, comprehending vital aspects, pinpointing areas of study that a student might need help, and formulating tactics for solving problems. This paper is a reflection on how I used the feedback on the information summary in my business report and the manner in which I will apply it to my future writing.

Feedback on the information summary

The feedback on the information summary talked about essential aspects of writing that assisted me immensely when preparing the business report. First, the feedback on the information summary highlighted the need for a clearer thesis statement. This information was beneficial since it enabled me to formulate a clear and outstanding thesis statement in the business report.

Second, the feedback presented vital insights into the manner in which to write exceptional paragraphs. It mentioned the flow of info, justification of the information, and backing up arguments using several sources. These insights aroused my attentiveness when writing paragraphs in the business report. They ensured that I was keen to produce a good flow of information as well as back up my arguments in the business report with a significant number of sources.

Applying the feedback to future writings

I can apply the feedback on the information summary to my future writings in various ways. It will ensure my future writings have clear, outstanding, and noticeable thesis statements regardless of the primary topic being discussed or investigated. Similarly, the feedback will make me an expert in writing paragraphs by arousing my attentiveness when preparing my papers. It will ensure my paragraphs have a good flow of information and arguments that are justified and backed up using several sources.

August 21, 2023


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