Research Proposals and Grants

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A research proposal is a thesis that university scholars typically create for their research projects and constitutes, along with a conclusion, an introduction, a literary analysis, the research discussion, the intent and the reasons for it. On the other hand, grants are the funds granted after submission of a proposal to an individual or organization and are adopted.
Research proposals are similar to grants since they are both publicly made public. Both include separate parties; applicants include proposals while issuers include subsidies (Oso & Onen, 2009).
But between the two, grants and research proposals, there is a major gap. One usually submits a document, proposal that is, to request for money, whereby the funds required is now the grant. Another difference is that the person in control of a proposal (the applicant) is different from the person controlling a grant. Also, proposals come from grants (Oso & Onen, 2009).

Time after time, researchers, as well as non-profit agencies, do apply for grants as a way of sourcing their projects. For example, Hamadi Agency is a non-profit agency in need of funds to fund their projects, both short-term, and long-term. They write a research proposal to a company that outsources resources to researchers. In the proposal, they state their purpose for the grant request, and the other group approves the proposal then funds Hamadi Agency with the necessary funds (Oso & Onen, 2009).

For a good grant writer, he or she should possess the following skills. First, they should be conversant with the objectives and know the organization they are writing to well. They should also be able to engage a company's board members, and stuff for them to have a wide variety of ideas (Oso & Onen, 2009). However, those reading those proposals usually consider a couple of things. One should be able to follow instructions given to them. They also should be right in writing. Moreover, they should also be excellent researchers (Oso & Onen, 2009).

The information above has provided knowledge on the difference between grants, and research proposal. Nevertheless, it has also offered insight on what is required for one to make a good grant writer, and what those reading proposals want. The knowledge acquired from this will be applied in writing excellent and acceptable research proposals, and sharpen grant writing skills even more.


Oso, W. Y., & Onen, D. (2009). A general guide to writing research proposal and report. Jomo Kenyatta Foundation.

July 24, 2021
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