Sexual orientation and code of ethics

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LGBT (Lesbian, bisexual, homosexual and transgender) people face a variety of hurdles, difficulties and barriers that make it impossible for them to access and find assertive and knowledgeable health care. There has been increasing awareness of the addition of more comprehensive knowledge to LGBT people, in particular the implementation of counseling and training services for psychiatric residents (Mule, 2012). Throughout his curriculum, Mule aimed to provide LGBT people with structured knowledge that incorporated psychiatry or health training services. The Important needs of the LGBT community
The first component that the LGBT needed is the research needs assessment that focused on the gaps of the well-elaborated human service needs that compared to low-income and risks faced by this group. The evaluation aimed to determine the needs of learning through risk and characteristics among the LGBT population, the current human service participation and the strategies used to serve the community (Curry & Kocet, 2011).
Mule's finding in the U.S about the LGBT
In America, Mule discovered that the LGBT are more accepted in communities as the years grew. In fact, it was noted the bisexuals make the largest share in the LGBT communities that accounted about 1.8% of the U.S population in 2011. Moreover, according to Mule's survey, the majority of the LGBT admitted that they have never been divided to live in LGBT neighborhoods because they were accepted by the societies (Mule, 2012).
The importance of the code of ethics
The code of ethics validates the values of integrity, quality, leadership, and respect. It also strengthens the guidelines for encouraging improvements and work practices of the LGBT's skills and knowledge (Daulaire, 2014). Moreover, it formalizes the growth process and the complexity of the health information systems as well as external systems.
The code of ethics as elaborated in the essay embraces the well-being of the LGBT through the human service needs as well as their work environments. As a result, the group is well accepted by other members of society because of more defined information to the non-LGBT.

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July 24, 2021

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