Sexual Satisfaction and Fulfillment

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Human sexuality is defined by erotic experiences and responses. However, because to the pressures of modern culture, some people struggle to completely express their sexuality (Crooks & Baur, 2013). As a result, a sizable proportion of people live lives devoid of sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. As a result, this paper suggests a study of the factors that determine an individual's sexual satisfaction and fulfillment.

Research Issues

The investigation would address the following questions in order to better understand the aspects that influence an individual's sexual happiness and fulfillment: Does the exploration of one’s personal sexuality influence sexual enjoyment and satisfaction?

 Does the penis size have an influence on sexual satisfaction and fulfillment?

 Does sexual communication play a role in sexual fulfillment and satisfaction?

The research questions are important since they address the different aspects perceived to be the determinants of sexual fulfillment and satisfaction. Importantly, the societal influences including the controversy regarding abstinence only versus sex education. Additionally, reluctance of some partners to explore oral sex could also influence their satisfaction.

Further, the penis size aspect of sexual anatomy has a bearing on the enjoyment of sex (Crooks & Baur, 2013). Moreover, the communication between the individuals engaging in sexual intercourse could have an effect on the pleasure aspect of the experience. Therefore, the research questions covers the dynamics of human sexuality to address the issue of fulfilment and satisfaction during intercourse.

Lessons Learned from Kinsley, Masters, and Johnson

The works of Kinsley on human sexuality facilitate an understanding of the concept from an array of angles that facilitate an understanding of the research questions. Essentially, the scholar underlines that what people hear, see, read regarding sex influences their perceptions concerning the issue thereby affecting the way they express their sexuality. Since the inquiry seeks to understand the connection between sexual exploration and sexuality, Kinsley’s insights would be integral.

Particularly, Johnson offers various approaches including the “foot-rub path to passion” as a way of enhancing sexual fulfillment and satisfaction between partners. The insights of Master and Johnson also foster an understanding of the need to understand one’s sexuality in a bid to bolster enjoyments and fulfillment during intercourse. Notably, Masters and Johnson address the area of desire in sexual arousal and fulfillment. Thus, integrating the desire aspect in establishing the factors that influence satisfaction and fulfillment during coitus is crucial.

Moreover, Masters and Johnson carried out studies to investigate the contribution of penis size on sexual excitement and enjoyment after the establishment of desire. Further, the scholar’s investigation on the elasticity of the woman’s vagina could foster an understanding of the role of genitalia in triggering sexual fulfilment (Masters, Johnson, Kolodny, & Bergen, 1995). Therefore, Kinsley, Masters, and Johnson make substantial contributions towards understanding the aspects that influence sexual fulfillment and satisfaction.

Research Design

The inquiry would embrace a qualitative research methodology. A random sampling approach would target at least 100 individuals who volunteer to participate in the inquiry undertaking. Interviews and focused group discussions would constitute the data collection approaches.

Ethical Issues

The need to approach the human sexuality injury from an ethical approach is crucial (Hyde & DeLamater, 2008). Thus, the research would consider the various ethical principles and issues associated in investigating human sexuality. In this case, the study considers to protect the rights of the respondents to uphold the essence of responsible researching endeavours.

Importantly, maintaining the ethical aspects of confidentiality and privacy is considered highly in this paper. As such, maintaining the anonymity of the interviewees relating their erotic experiences. Further, maintaining the privacy is crucial for safeguarding the rights of the respondents.


Crooks, R. L., & Baur, K. (2013). Our sexuality. Boston, Massachusetts: Cengage Learning.

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April 19, 2023

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