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228 views 3 pages ~ 727 words
Sex differences in personality

Gender variations in personality traits have been studied by psychologists, with varying results. For example, there is ...

107 views 3 pages ~ 661 words
Discoverers of Classical Conditioning

There is little doubt that behaviorism had a substantial impact on American psychology. It produced some of the most not...

219 views 2 pages ~ 325 words
Psychology's Entrepreneurs and the Marketing of Industrial Psychology

After reading about psychology entrepreneurs and the marketing of industrial psychology, it is evident that psychology t...

130 views 4 pages ~ 1067 words
The perspective of psychology

Psychology from a social perspective examines how people behave and think, then applies what it learns to a variety of r...

167 views 2 pages ~ 309 words
relationships and social media

Most people, including behavioral psychologists, believe that the more time a participant spends on online social media ...

132 views 2 pages ~ 339 words
a communication essay

The social penetration model is a reflection of the social penetration principle. One of the most notable psychologists,...

864 views 3 pages ~ 737 words
Pet Peeves You May Not Know Exist

The word "Pet Peeve" has various meanings. In the world of pets, it is used to describe a pet aversion or dislike. It can be anything ...

543 views 7 pages ~ 1705 words
Single-parent families

Single-parent families are those having children below the age of eighteen, headed by a parent who has never married, or who is divorced or wido...

244 views 6 pages ~ 1557 words
Social identity reduces depression by fostering positive attributions.

The purpose of this paper is to condemn the Social Identity article by encouraging optimistic attributions, which reduce...

270 views 2 pages ~ 341 words
The Rule of “The Bystander Effect”

The Diffusion of Liability is "a reduced sense of personal accountability that tends to occur in groups without an assig...

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