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Qualities of a Successful Social Studies Teacher

There are certain fundamental qualities that every social studies teacher should possess in order to be a successful professional. The post has emphasized some of these qualities. Teachers in social studies need compassion and empathy, but all teachers need these qualities as well. This attribute has been discussed in detail in the essay, however I will go into somewhat more detail on why this attribute is crucial. In order to establish a welcoming environment where the children may enjoy studying, every instructor must exhibit compassion and the caring quality. Considering the young age of the pupils of social studies, they need somebody who shows compassion and the caring attribute for them to pay the required attention to learning. Students tend to be much more attentive and actively participate during a lesson when they are taught by someone who shows some care for them.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Interdisciplinary learning as mentioned in the post is also a crucial attribute in the teaching of social studies. Social studies entail learning about the society. One may not understand well the society without understanding the different aspects of the society. Therefore, a social studies teacher need not only to understand the other disciplines but also be able to demonstrate to students how the disciplines are interrelated with one another. Kizlik (2017) points out that a social studies teacher must have a good understanding of the content to a level that one can teach others. This helps students to understand the discipline much better and draw a correlation between the discipline and other disciplines. It is good for a social studies teacher to understand and be able to teach all topics in the discipline. However, we are human beings with some imperfections. It is okay to have likes, and dislikes and social studies teachers are not exceptional. Team teaching can help in solving problems where a teacher does not like some topics to make sure everyone gives the students his or her best.


Kizlik, B. (2017). Ideas about becoming a good social studies teacher. Retrieved 12 June 2017, from

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