Speed of Dark Hopes to Challenge the way we see People with Disabilities

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People with Disabilities: Facing Difficulties in Life

People with disabilities also face difficulties in life, but it is not their choice to be in that situation. The disabled are often misunderstood by the general public, which views them as outcasts or negative members of society. They are humans with unique needs that make them stronger or different from the rest of us. They are handled inhumanely and in a more animal-like fashion. People rarely understand their own vocabulary, professional style, preferences and dislikes, passions and interests, originality, and sexual life. Elizabeth Moon outlines the difficulties they experience in their working place and in public such as being treated as the minority, being insulted, misunderstood, disrespecting their opinion, and viewed as outcasts.<\/p>


The normal treats people with disability as minors and rarely includes them in their work and discussions. The writer and some of her friends who suffers from a condition called autistic are set to undertake their activities in secretion (Moon 4). Autistic is a condition where a person has poor social and communication skills as a result of brain abnormalities. A close friend of the group, Joe Lee was once a victim of the same condition but was lucky to undergo treatment early, and the state was dealt with. She relates with normal well but ironically acts as a friend of the autistic group which she rarely understands. She is quoted referring to Cameron as Cam, Ian idea she does not like. If Joe lee related with the group closely, it would be easier to learn about their interests and dislikes (Moon 9).<\/p>

According to the text, they even have special parking bay where other people rarely parks to avoid interactions. Moreover, due to the isolative treatment, they have a table of their own. Dr. Fornum has been displayed through the article, intimidating the writer and showing how autistic are inferior in the company (Moon 4). This shows the way in people with disabilities are discriminated in the society by individuals or groups who ought to support them and show them, love.<\/p>


In the context, there are several instances where the autistic group has been insulted. The idea of a new treatment that was a success in rats and is soon going to be applied in primitives is so inhuman. At the airport, the security officer hurls insults at Lou to a point he cannot utter a word for the next few minutes.<\/p>

Failure to Understand People with Disabilities

Many people in the context do not come to terms with the autistic group. First, Dr. Fornum feels something is right only when she does it but wrong when the writer happens to be the one performing the same act. She makes a note of everything that the writer does or utters. She even questions his sex life which is more personal, but he usual withdraws and lie her she does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Employees or people meant to work together ought to develop good relations and understand each other. This creates disagreements and poor partnership resulting in poor work or failed projects. The writer feels like Mr. Crenshaw takes him as a crazy person since from time to time his face becomes shiny while talking to him. He even treats him as if he was a trainer something that Mr. Aldrin does not portray. He addresses the autistic group as they were real (Moon 29).<\/p>

Treated like Outcast

The autistic group in the company has most of their amenities set specifically for them. This keeps them in isolation during and sets them apart from the so-called real ones. However, the group proves the company wrong by undertaking projects that other employees find hard and barely understands at all.<\/p>

Forcing them to things they either hate or are not in their Plans

Dr. Fornum tried to persuade Lou to go to the movies, yet the three he had attended were boring. Movies and going to the golf was not in his diet. Here opinion counts a lot in interacting with persons with special needs as what may be appealing to one person may be amusing to another.<\/p>


Every human being possess a weakness and a strength. Autistic victims exhibit weakness and strength also. It is clear from the above discussion that people with disabilities face many challenges in life. The writer in the context can read and come out with patterns and explain, a trait that many finds hard to understand. It is his area of specialization despite having a poor social and communication skill. The article shows how people with disabilities are treated and subjected to torture. This is mostly psychological and have adverse effects in the long run such as lack of sleep and stomach upsets. The writer questions the real side of normal people as they tend to do things opposite of the expectations. This poses a challenge to them as they act as trainers and keepers of those who possess certain disabilities. People with special needs ought to be respected and treated with care and love.<\/p>

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November 03, 2022

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