Stages in Bottom-up Approach

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People must examine the moral values that guide their life on both a personal and professional basis (Hill & Rapp, 2013). The stage is critical because it demonstrates respect for all people in the production of an organization's normative criteria. Moderators are brought in at this point to support people in making the right decisions possible.

Stage Two: Work Team Meetings

There are community exchanges here that ensure the establishment of normative parameters that are agreed upon by all team members and that everyone is able to obey (Hill & Rapp, 2013). Everybody is given an opportunity to be heard in an attempt to create unity and trust. The moderator tries to minimize conflicts between individuals at this stage.

Stage Three: Intergroup Negotiations

The various groups created in stage three select spokespeople who represent their interests during the negotiation process. There is the introduction of trained mediators who serve to minimize conflicts and ensure that the consultation process serves the best interests of all the members (Hill & Rapp, 2013). Additionally, the mediator comes in to bring consensus and understanding between the groups.

Stage Four: Board Endorsement

The results of the previous three phases are presented to the organizations’ top decision-making body for approval. The representatives of the previous groups are expected to support this information and clarify any issue as required by the organization’s officials (Hill & Rapp, 2013). The board cannot exert significant changes but can modify some if the issues. If the approval is granted, the representatives need to pass judgment on the code of ethics can be adopted by the organization.

The Most Important Stage.

Stage one which involves self-reflection is the most critical stage during the development of the organization’s code of ethics. Since the code is developed to serve the best interest of all the members, giving individuals a unique chance to come up with the rules to govern them is the best thing any firm can do (Awad, 2007). The stage ensures that the interests of all the concerned parties are incorporated into the code of ethics. Consequently, it will be easier for the embers to follow these guidelines since they are not imposed on them. Additionally, this stage promotes the upholding of democratic practices within various organizations.

Why Bottom Up Approach Is Better Than Top Down Approach

The approach ensures that all employees take part in the creation of a code of ethics and hence will feel comfortable when following such guidelines. Developed under this approach incorporate the different views, cultures, traditions and opinions of the various employees (Awad, 2007). On the other hand, the top-down approach involves the imposition of guidelines to the employees by the senior officials. Thus individuals may not feel to be adequately involved and can find it difficult to abide by such rules.

How The Application Of This Approach Prevents Unethical Conduct.

The bottom-up approach incorporates the views of all the members of an organization. The rules contained in the code of ethics are generated by the members and not imposed by the senior management. In such a situation, the individuals would find it easy to follow them since they reflect their wishes (Awad, 2007). Employees do not need to be reminded about the various guidelines since they took part in their development. Consequently, they are likely to follow them all the time and instances of conflicts or non-adherence are minimized. Companies operating this approach tend to run smoothly.


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Hill, R. P., & Rapp, J. M. (2013). Codes of Ethical Conduct: A Bottom-Up Approach


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