The study about friendship/loneliness

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Cross-Sectional Design

The study about friendship/loneliness applied cross-sectional research design. It is the design that examines one variable among different persons who possess similar features other than the variable under scrutiny. Since the study is a concern with a single age group, it is true that it has a lot of similarities but has different levels of the variable of interest. Cross-sectional studies are based on the observations that occur in different individuals at a certain period (Yin, 2013). As such, the researcher does not manipulate the variables as opposed to the experimental procedure. The researcher simply records the data observed in persons being examined rather than conducting an experiment. Hence, the design is used to describe the features that prevail in particular individuals but not to define any connection among them (Yin, 2013). The design mainly provides data that can be applied in other methods to examine the relationship observed.

This design will work best for this study because it is investigating one dependent variable against some independent variables presented by the similarities of individuals under the study. The level of loneliness in teenagers will vary regarding quality of friendship existing between individuals, the level of acceptance by age mates and the level of satisfaction an individual is receiving from their friends. Cross-sectional research design will allow the researcher to collect the information concerning the prevalence of loneliness among teenagers. It will also enable the researcher to determine factors which can be undertaken to minimize the effects of the condition. Since the study is concern about the impacts of the relation of peer group on the level of loneliness in an individual, the cross-sectional design will be the effective instrument to solicit this information (Yin, 2013).

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Yin, R. K. (2013). Case study research: Design and methods. Sage publications.

April 01, 2021
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