Subject: Community Outreach Festival

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Welcome to the Meeting

I would like to welcome everyone to the meeting to discuss the festival's strategic direction. The meeting to discuss how we'll run the community outreach festival will take place on May 30, 2017 at Trimax College. This team's success depends heavily on this event, as I've previously told each member. Its success will significantly affect the place we hold in the community. A great celebration depends on preparation. Consequently, the meeting scheduled for the above mentioned date will be used to iron out all the details upon which the success of the festival depends on. The meeting will begin at exactly 12 noon. Punctuality is encouraged. Members of the strategic management team who will not be available for this meeting would do well to inform me.

Brief Description of the Festival We Sponsor and Run for the Outreach Program

Trimax Inc. has partnered in several ways with several colleges and other academic institutions towards the provision of knowledge in the field of information technology. Usually, we arrange for technology exposition programs at our local universities. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the community outreach program coincides with the exposition dates so that the activities can go hand in hand. The exposition program usually accompanies price-giving. During the price-giving ceremony, we will receive funds from guests to finance our activities. We shall invite students from other schools and those who are planning to join colleges to our up-coming exposition, and this shall be done at Trimax Community College, on June 18, 2017.

Objectives of the Meeting

The following are the objectives of this meeting. First and foremost, it is the budget, as it needs to be drawn to cater for the space where the event will be held. There is also the issue of food. The main target audience of this event is the students. With this in mind, free food is a good reason for the college students to turn up. In addition, we need to plan the infrastructure during our meeting. This refers to the materials and equipment required to run a successful festival. Such infrastructure will include the stage, the tents, and the electrical equipment (sound system etc.). Parking space for the festival goers also needs to be available.

Bringing Other Organizations On Board

Moreover, we need to discuss the possibility of bringing other organizations on board to co-sponsor the event. This meeting will help us come up with a timeline for the event. This will ensure that the event and its promotion go smoothly. Promotion should be carried out with enough time to get the word out. The event should also follow a strict timetable to ensure everyone is accommodated. During this meeting, we will come up with the flyers and posters for the event. In addition to this, we will decide upon which electronic media to use to publicize the festival. The options at our disposal are local radio stations, community newspapers, and social media.

Further Details and Conclusion

Further details will be communicated as we get closer to the day of the festival. Remember, this event has to be memorable and amazing. I encourage all members of this strategic management team to do some research on how to successfully plan and run the community outreach festival.

February 22, 2023

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