Tesla’s AI Self-Drive Vehicles

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The research looks at Tesla's self-driving car roadmap, the numerous innovations the business has used, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the technology. Additionally, the report made suggestions for the business to enhance the safety of its vehicles.

The first-generation Autopilot, according to Tesla's CEO, will enable the new vehicles to keep their lane and a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. The Autopilot system can work independently on restricted-access roads, but still needs driver input to be ready to control it as needed because the car cannot identify lane marks, cyclists or passersby and cannot switch off automatically.

The issue:

The CEO of Tesla has asserted that the new cars will have the first-generation Autopilot, which will make the cars’ system to maintain its lane and a secure distance from other cars on the road.

The Autopilot system can work independently on restricted-access roads, but still needs driver input to be ready to control it as needed because the car cannot identify lane marks, cyclists or passersby and cannot switch off automatically.

The importance of the issue to business/society:

The self-driven car model has elicited a spirited discussion about the technological implications of the innovation and the way its development should advance responsibly.

Some benefits to the society include reducing accidents as well as economic benefits.

Sources used: Wired.com (Tesla automobile’s major website), the Forbes Magazine, The Economic Forum, scholarly articles from reputable journals and others.

Purpose of the paper:

To describe the revolution of Tesla's self-driving cars and their numerous uncertainties in daily life in commerce, public policy and how practical solutions and new efficient markets can be generated.

The report also highlights and describes the technology Tesla uses in the self-driven cars and concludes by highlighting the costs of AI systems such as the elimination of many jobs and social disturbances.

Discussion of Findings

Road Map for Self-Driven Vehicles:

The international autonomous car market is anticipated to reach $ 65.3 billion in value by 2027.

Soon, autonomous vehicles will be the safest cars on the driveway.

AI will take a critical aspect of self-drive cars.

Consequently, creating a car, which can address any situation, needs intensive teaching. Google leads in this realm

The Role of Geomatics in Tesla’s Autonomous Driving: Self-driving would not be possible without geomatics innovations such as GNSS, LIDAR Technology, 3D Maps, Optical Cameras, and Radar.

Potential Benefits and Costs of Autonomous Cars


Autonomous cars will provide critical user safety, convenience, reduced congestion, energy savings, and decreased of pollution

They will also reduce the number of driver's errors thus resulting in various socio-economic gains.

Tesla’s cars will lead to savings in gasoline

Ethical Concerns, Potential Costs, and Obstacles to Adoption

the challenge of programming an autonomous vehicle to react to each conceivable situation on the road, comprising situations when it may be essential to circumvent or break existing rules to attain a favorable outcome

There is also a negative side of rendering some jobs obsolete.

Insurance and fuel savings may slightly offset the incremental expenses.

Tesla has met criticism regarding its Autopilot system, which is considered as not capable as many would believe


The new technologies need to be shaped and adapted to improve on what exists today.

Significantly, research will be needed to push the innovation to higher heights and address public policy debates


The company needs to adopt strategies, which will enhance the capacity of AI systems to interpret and assist create trust and avert severe failures.

A mark of their achievement will be the way users perceive and stand their weaknesses.

The company needs to design strategies, which improve the human’s ability comprehend AI systems and decisions that may assist establish trust and avert serious failures.

Laws will be required to address the great effect AI will possibly bring.


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March 02, 2023

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