The Database Management System

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A database management system is essential to many businesses, from those in the commercial world to those in the healthcare industry. It has made handling information easier. Additionally, it has secured the security of important firm data. The database management system has also made it easier to share data and information (Ardeleanu, 2016).

The first place in real life that I saw a database in use was in a hospital. These organizations have numerous locations across numerous states. Each doctor employed by the facility has a number of patients assigned to them. Some doctors work in one area, while others alternate days between multiple offices. The database stores the information about individual doctors including an area of specialization, address, phone contacts, and full names. Each patient can be assigned to single or more than one doctors (Kroenke, 2005). The information of the patient is also kept in the database. The clients can cancel or schedule order prescription drugs through the website or via phone. There is also a restriction in the database, for instance, to see a specialist the patient requires his or her primary physician approval. This process is accomplished by the use of the information stored in the database ("Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) ? AWS," n.d.).

The second database place where I have experienced the use of the database is science and research department. Genome research and other related fields of research such as cellular and molecular biology are the best examples of a scientific database (Pallaw, 2010). The database contains catalogs for organism information, sequenced genomes, genome maps, and data on sequence similarities of all known genes in an organism. Furthermore, it has the information on molecular interaction networks.

Without the database, the data in company information could not be secure. Database ensures crucial information is protected. The information in the database cannot be accessed by strangers since password protection is used. Also, the absence of database can result in difficulty when sharing information.

One of the database components I have seen in use is queries. Queries deal with questions concerning data in the database. Queries allow one to extract data based on criteria he or she has defined. The second component is macros which are a set of one or more mechanism performing a specific operation. Macros assist in automating everyday tasks.

The Hierarchical Database is the database being used in the place where I have experienced database being used. Records having information about a group of child/parent relationship is similar to three structures. In this structure, the records can contain repeating data. In this case, data follow series of files. All records are collected as record type. These records are the same as tables in the relational database having each record similar to rows. Hierarchical database utilizes these models by creating a link between record types (Pathak, 2008).

Currently, most of the small businesses have not adopted the use of the database. Some of these companies are using old ways of storing information and data such as the use of book records. These enterprises will no longer have the risk of losing crucial data by using the database.

Most of the companies cannot do without a database in this era. There is a various database management system which can suit multiple businesses. The database has made the way information is handled easier. Currently, companies are not worried about losing data as long as the database is in place.


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April 13, 2023
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