The DiGiorno Advert

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Motivation Can Bleach the World Between the Brain and Stomach

Many are the times that you feel hungry because you imagine you are respected and in a valued class. Whoever created the Digiorno advert knew it all. The DiGiorno advertisement was designed purposely for pizza lovers. The skill and art used demonstrate pizza exudes, that torment a person to an imagination of the savoriness of cheese. A good advert should build an understanding of the concept being explained, use few words and deliver the message.


Precisely, you do not need to read the whole advert to understand whom it is meant for. The simple structure of words makes it easy to capture the reader’s attention. The font size and sentence structure rebuilds a potential buyers’ thinking and forces one to read closely and attentively. The choice of words, ‘ITALIAN STYLE FAVOURITE’ written in bold to allow closer resourcefulness of the taste and flavors used, and the country the style of cooking is based ( The gaze to the bright yellow flag that has an inclined name ‘NEW’ captures the eyes and explains a new trend of revolution in the world of pizza lovers ( DiGiorno pizza is willing to prove you wrong if you think its recipe you have tasted and they are saying it right to your face. The words ‘it’s not delivery It’s DiGiorno’ explain that, thinking of free delivery is an understatement, for this pizza point offers greater services than you can get from any other pizza point in the country (

The Images

The centered picture of pizza is the first thing you see when you look at the advert. You learn that many skills are used in alignment of the tomato piece and the chocolate grains on the pizza pieces ( Besides, it is already delicious even before you taste it, making you stare with amazement. Similarly, the background choice is enough to entice you to walk in, hoping to experience the aroma of the freshly used species. At first, you wonder why they had to display the tomatoes, oil and a piece of cheese, but remember that the heart believes what it sees.

The Color

The advert has a systematic use of color red, it might not play a huge role, but that doesn't mean it is not essential. Having to read something requires interest and attention seeking capability. A bright color always catches enormous attention from people. Since the advert is intended to target a vast number of people, the color choice gives it a better head start. This also applies to the yellow colors surrounding names within the advert.

In Conclusion

Adverts should always make the message delivery accessible to people. A less complicated advert has a high chance to work efficiently than a complicated one. The color choice plays a role in gathering the attention of a reader with the assistance of the images used. Bold words should carry some meaning; they should also influence and entice a person to think carefully about what a marketer wants to sell to them.

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August 04, 2023


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