The Effects of The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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The plan to broaden your research material to include sources outside the research kit shows that you want to deepen your understanding of history beyond what is readily available. That is an informed plan although you need to ensure you do not get false information that might be misleading. I would suggest looking for sources written by Japanese authors telling the facts from Japans perspective and getting those written by Americans with events from their perspective, that way there will be unbiased historically correct information to help with your research because, every country has their account of the facts (Wong, 2015).

Your plan suggests you are thinking about the Japanese change over time, the complexity they faced because of the atomic bomb and what might have happened after the bombing, but you should also try to research on the rate of the change, and the feeling citizens from both nations have towards the specific changes that happened. Additionally, to better compare both economies, you also need sources that show the impact of the atomic bombing on the American citizens and their attitude towards Japan after the attack.

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I agree with you that the research kit still has a lot of information that needs exploration and extensive research into all the sources to provide facts that you might have overlooked. Again, additional information will help you to better understand the causality of the bombing. I would suggest you get sources that will not only give facts about the political struggles before and after the war but also the change over time in the politics between the two countries and between Japan and the allies. Additionally, research on the context under which Japan and the Allies each made their decisions.

Works Cited

Wong, Herman. How the Hiroshima bombing is taught around the world. The Washington Post,

2015. Accessed 4 Dec. 2018.

November 13, 2023

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