The Evaluation of ASOS Marketing Strategies

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ASOS Company is a renowned e-fashion retail firm in Britain which mostly targets the youths. The enhanced digital application of the company is due to campaigns such as ASOM and stylish promotion. The digital marketing strategy is through social media channels where the company exceptionally uses a Facebook account, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. However, the firm needs to advance its investment on Google+ adverts through strategies such as increasing the number of daily updates, using social media management tools such as Buzz bundles and providing key links. The marketing strategies are consistent with network theory which emphasises on the relationship between people, objects and influencers. The success in attaining enhanced consumer digital experience is due to fulfilment of customer's requirement, improved means for online search of commodities and emphasis on the care. Besides, the company offers consistent and coherent information which results to customer’s informed decisions. Other strategies that reflect on the enhanced digital consumer experience are; application of technology to facilitate change capacity, simplified checkouts and, lean and agile techniques which have made the company a trendsetter for its customers.


 An active online presence is critical for business growth and advancement in the contemporary world. The practice positively impacts on the corporate visibility, customer relations and, facilitating to economic marketing strategies. ASOS is such a venture whose establishment was in 2000 (Philips, 2017). The company is a renowned British fashion online store which mostly targets the youths. The company deals with a wide variety of products which ranges from accessories, ladies and menswear as well as beauty products (Mubai, 2017). The company hugely invested in E-commerce where its constantly evolving marketing approach has contributed to its advancement, snowballing revenues and sales volume and, winning multiple corporate awards. Central to the company’s success is their appreciation of the significance of social media on the demographic (Philips, 2017). A point in case, one of the measures of the company’s success is on the number of its social media followers. One of the most outstanding features of ASOS digital marketing approaches is the application of online channels to promote brands under the basis of striking a balance between targeting and serving clients (Mubai, 2017).

According to Mubai (2017), ASOS online presence is designed to reach to the broader target populations. For illustration, the company uses digital and social media platforms as effective strategies for distribution and promotion that facilitates to personalisation and communication, together with the enhanced determination of online needs and expectation (Mubai, 2017). However, the company has established a cross-channel approach by applying some live channels to advance the product and brand range. The strategy corresponds with increasing demand for the social media presence of the fashion store and its reputation as an e-commerce venture. The venture is currently using social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram (Mubai, 2017). The ASOS marketing head alludes that the advancement of the company is due to its guiding principle that brands should prioritise on both marketing reach and strategies (Mubai, 2017).

Enhanced digital presence is the factor to campaigns which includes ‘As Seen on Me’ (ASOM) and ASOS stylish promotions. For instance, ASOM campaign is basically on Twitter and Facebook (Mubai, 2017). The promotion allows for any member of the platform who posts a photo on either site to featuring an ASSOS product while using the hashtag to have their updates appear on the company’s page (Mubai, 2017). Hence, the brand reputation within digital settings through empowerment and personalisation lures potential clients into becoming loyal customers. The campaign approaches fulfil customer expectation through imparting a distinct feeling on them and, adding value to the system of customers by allowing them by availing an advocate’s recommendation (Mubai, 2017). Besides, the presence of stylists enhances the representation of the company as a society of creative and independent individuals (Philips, 2017).  Consequently, the advertisements to the clients are done on appealingly personal strategies which add to the corporate effectiveness. Also, the mandate of the ASOS stylists is to maintain direct communication with customers and, demonstrating to them their ease in harmonising various lifestyles through the use of actual people (Philips, 2017). The research work is a presentation of the evaluation of ASOS marketing strategies which covers social media channels and digital consumer experience.

Evaluation of ASOS Social Media Channels

Compliance with Network Theory

            ASOS digital marketing strategies correspond with network theory which emphasises on relationships such as between people, products and influencers. The network theory is an overlapping tool for understanding patterns that exist between social systems and how they impact on the behaviour (Gastautor, 2017). For instance, hits are the product of consumer influence on each other's choices hence; it is challenging to predict the achievement while using common factors such as star and the plot. Nevertheless, the application of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter permits marketers to collect the customer's opinion and, leverage the potential of influential consumers in distributing information throughout their systems. Gastautor (2017) informs that the most potent users are those instrumental within a variety of differentiated networks. Thus, ASOS digital marketing best rhymes with network theory which focuses on establishment and maintenance of relationships.

Evaluation of Facebook Advertisement

ASOS is among the most reputable retail brands in the UK which enjoy efficient use of Facebook advertisements (Moth, 2013). The company consistently posts various visual updates daily comprising of even weekends (Moth, 2013). Conversely, almost every ASOS Facebook advert generates hundreds of comments as well as a sale of an item.  In most of ASOS Facebook posts, those featuring a question create the majority of comments (Moth, 2013). Besides, the adverts which request the clients to fill the blank spaces clocks at least 200 responses from different Facebook account holders, thus implying on the social media influence on the reputation of the firm (Moth, 2013). Notwithstanding, the company has not created an app with the opinion that games are often gimmicky and therefore, they might not appeal to prospective customers.

Similarly, Diokno (2015) clarifies that ASOS uses Facebook advertisement for promotional codes, which lures prospective buyers through the sharing of posts and the likes. The online team must manage and interact with the customer's concerns, queries and comments. Relevance with networking theory, ASOS Facebook advertisements are crucial in establishing the firm’s consumer contacts.

Assessment of ASOS Usage of Twitter

The e-marketing clothing retailer sustains distinct Twitter accounts for customer queries care and fashion updates. The company's practical application of the Twitter platform implies consumer engagement and satisfaction. However, there are two separate feeds for men and women. For illustration, men' and women' feeds have approximately 438,000 and 20,000 followers (Moth, 2013). ASOS’s main Twitter account is highly active and responds to thousands of mentions daily (Moth, 2013). The strategy is a terrific method of establishing real customer relationships and improving their loyalty. More so, the approach is a new mean of post-sale client care. The practicability of ASSOS twitter adverts is subject to timely responses through the new Vine app and campaign through the application of hashtag #ASOSUNBOX. Likewise, the e-retailer awards its customers whose post relates to them unpacking their order (Moth, 2013). On the customer queries care Twitter account, the company responds through an email, follow up calls and direct messages.

Correspondingly, ASOS applies Twitter as a link to global audiences. The firm’s social media marketers effectively engage with both the domestic and international markets. A point in case, the company uses its HeretoHelp account as after-sales services care, which assists in establishing beneficial connections with customers together with upholding brand loyalty. Examples of ASOS different accounts for various countries include @ASOS-Us, @ASP

OS_FR and, @ASOS_Au. Subsequently, the e-firm connects with clients from diverse nations, occasions and festivals thus receiving multiple exposures on specific needs on a distinct national setting.  The twitter platform thus relates to networking theory since ASO can create systems both national wide as well as internationally.

Evaluation of ASOS Pinterest

The overhaul exhaustion of Pinterest presence adds to the reputation of ASOS Company. Though the Pinterest account was created in 2013, there have been significant modifications to the strategy (Moth, 2013). For illustration, the traditional posts were on content, but the moderns one provides the latent customers with a link to the firm’s site. The adjustment was under the principle that the previous users were responding to the company’s boards (Moth, 2013). Besides, there was an identification that the prior technique was not resulting in the appropriate effect. According to Ratcliff (2014), ASOS has benefited from tremendous growth rate among members where the 2014 followers rose to 220,784. Despite having a relatively small number of boards, each available one at ASOS is meticulously curated and consists of an average of 150 pins (Ratcliff). Moreover, the e-venture had also added to its brand name through assisting in drive search using the Pinterest platform. According to search metrics, ASOS is the most reputable e-retail outlet in the UK on aspects of sharing its content using Pinterest, thus a link with networking theory (Ratcliff, 2014).

Assessment of ASOS Google+

ASOS relatively lags behind in using the Google+ platform where it releases about one update daily and applies unique information to complement Facebook adverts (Moth, 2013). Consequently, there is a decent quantity of user activity on the Google+ platform, where each post attains about 100 likes and approximately ten comments (Moth, 2013). The site has at least 1.4 million followers on the network (Moth, 2013). The approach relates to networking theory since it assists in establishing stable client-dealer relationships.

Evaluation of ASOS YouTube Channels

            The company has a separate YouTue platform for men’s and ladies’ updates on fashion designs (Diokno, 2015). The company focuses on uploading beauty tutorials and fashion on this social media platform. The company has its stylists who film the tutorials for clients as well as collaborating with celebrities on beauty, interviews and fashion to enhance brand awareness. Various YouTubers encourage consumption of ASOS products they had earlier purchased, which compliment oral information (Diokno, 2015). More so, the enterprise has established a new menswear site which offers advice on grooming, fashion and hairstyles to encourage consumption of its items by the male population. According to Votta (2015), one of the features of recent ASOS YouTube releases is an advert that permits the users to clasp various colours as a brand performs an annotated pigment bar which is diagonal within the video. Thus, the firm's adverts works due to flipping through of multiple colours which corresponds to ordering new styles and clothes (Votta, 2017). The YouTube channel helps the company in attracting and maintaining clients, thus relating to networking theory.

Assessment of ASOS use of Instagram

            Through Instagram posts, ASOS offers updates on fashion, encourage consumption of its most new products, promote lifestyle inspiration and to provide sale bargains to customers (Diokno, 2015). Besides, the company has different Instagram accounts for various nations to engage with clients within their specific locality settings. Moreover, the company applies commodity codes with their every Instagram image to assist their customers to swiftly identify the desired object within the platform necessary for placing an order (Diokno, 2015). According to Creative Review (2018), the fashion store has been designing creative formats of advertisements. The motivation behind the usage of twitter account is to deliver a brand promotional text, and assisting into raising engagement, awareness and, offering ideal entertainments for the audience (Critical Review, 2018).

            The significance of Instagram projects is subject to the willingness of ASOS to design different formats of the platform's posts (Critical Review, 2018). The adverts range from behind the scene content, motion animation and live action. The Instagram campaign does not intend to push the sales items, but rather to deliver stylish content which captures the client’s attention and interest (Critical Review, 2018).  At the onset of the year 2018, the performance of ASOS on Instagram improved at an almost 200% (Faull, 2018). The positive encounter of ASOS on the Instagram platform has facilitated to a reduction of its marketing costs. For instance, the expenses at 2017 lowered from 5.3% from 2016 to 5% (Faull, 2018). Thus, the overall investments are contributing to firm engagement levels with customers. For illustration, the company has recorded a consistent improvement on the site visits which rises at an average rate of 25% (Faull, 2018). Also, the typical order placement improvement rate is 8% while the basket value increases by 2% per annum (Faull, 2018). Instagram is vital in capturing client attention, a step in building future relationships, thus relating to networking theory.

Assessment of ASOS customer digital experience

Customer Requirements

According to studies by digital research, current report pinpoints that multiple customer digital experiences at ASOS rhyme with their expectations and satisfaction (Eccleston, 2016). Over the recent past, there has been a concurrent approach to central functionality which has enhanced search and navigation emerge the most fundamental areas of customer experience (Eccleston, 2016). Also, the ever-increasing uptake of mobile has spurred client satisfaction at ASOS. According to the study, ASOS is the most outstanding company in the UK with a measure of customer satisfaction at 90% (Eccleston, 2016). Furthermore, the ASOS's purchase area and negotiation provide the best on the usability of e-commerce.

Search for Online Commodities

            The study also indicates that ASOS is the most prominent in digital experience on helping clients search for items (Eccleston, 2016). For instance, the clutter-free search box is free of distractions and enhances profound functionality within all digital equipment (Eccleston, 2016). Clients who precisely know what they need prefers for a keyword. However, they tend to seek assistance from site navigation on browsing for various other items (Eccleston, 2016). The keyword system from ASOS is very accurate. For example, there is an automatic correction of typos while its spontaneous predictive text can decipher the customer's intended search. Similarly, the company maximally utilises behavioural data to rectify the range of searching, considering the history to reduce the likely categories. More so, the e-retailer reveals the number of items within each category thus raising awareness on scarcity or abundance of elements in every cluster (Eccleston, 2016).

Customer Care

ASO's digital experience features outstanding levels of customer care. For instance, the e-retail store has an impressive performance on navigation through both mobile and desktop (Eccleston, 2016). Also, the respondents enjoy from the wide variety of categories which assists them to shift across the commodity options (Eccleston, 2016). Likewise, landing pages avail multiple inspirational videos and images for shoppers who have not chosen on the onset of the customer journey. Such beneficial features are ASOM, Fashion and Beauty feed as well as trend guides (Eccleston, 2016). The vast navigation options provide satisfactory inspiration. Moreover, filters are highly collapsible, identifiable and, their clearance requires only one click. In most cases, shoppers appreciate a condensed search engine on size, brand and colour, an experience which ASOS provides.

Support on Customer’s Informed Decision

Product pages determine custom's choice and a brand's penetration into the market.  However, there is a big gap between the bottom and top brands (Eccleston, 2016).  In most of the cases, the choice to place an order originates from fluency and coherence within supplier's information (Eccleston, 2016). The ASSOS catwalk video item enables workers to experience a real feeling on the commodity moment before finalising their purchases (Eccleston, 2016).  Also, the ability to shop a look is a valid time saver for consumers and a simple technique of raising the basket value. Under ASOS, product information is detailed and precise, features excellent photos, the image zooms, video, functionality and stock availability.

Simplified Checkouts

ASOS distinguishes itself on its website which deals with purchase section (Eccleston, 2016). The accessible information on one page is displayed with a natural checkout process which is visible from the onset of the client journey. The significance of the progress indicators is in revealing to customers on the timeframe of the checkout process thus minimising the threat of basket abandonment (Eccleston, 2016). In the case of pureplay ASOS, various delivery alternatives are elaborate within the checkout and comprise of delivery which forms a unique selling point (Eccleston, 2016).  Also, ASOS utilises checkout registration which is a sleek form of purchase barrier which is integrated with social media platforms.

The change Capacity

Over the last few years, ASOS has invested into a constant infrastructure to enhance the capacity of change. For instance, there is an emphasis on the advancement of client-facing experiences (Rigby, 2018). For illustration, the company uses advanced technology which is essential to the function of the system as well as creating a new visual search aspect. More so, the company is having intent efforts on an optical search engine (Rigby, 2018). The search tool assists the clients in filtering the information from the site.  On the case of ASOS, the firm is using advanced technology to help shoppers in visualising the commodities and, using APPs which can help people try out virtual clothes.

Lean and Agile Technique

 From its establishment, ASOS has evolved from assisting the clients in emulating celebrity to emerging as the trendsetter. The company is also investing hugely in its marketing investment (Rigby, 2018). For customer satisfaction, the company regularly holds partnerships with tech ventures and accelerators to form customer analysis groups necessary for the improvement of user experience. Also, in the year 2016, the company partnered with DPD to establish a new service that assisted shoppers with alternatives to personalise delivery times of a parcel, identify that a drawback of shopping online awaits parcels (Rigby, 2018). Thus, the company runs very fast to build systems which create a working staff on clients. Through responsive approaches, the company has thus delivered values to the customers.


 It is recommendable for ASOS e-fashion retailers to maintain its vibrant digital platforms and advance its depth in Google+ adverts. Research indicates that the investment of the company in Google+ advert lag behind the others where ASOS releases about one daily update which is less in the competitive contemporary market. The firm can advance its usage of Google+ platform through strategies such as including key links in its business pages.  Also, the company should optimise its posts for quick results in Google search. The drive for the approach is to allow followers to see the ASOS's posts effectively. Also, the company should maintain consistent updates to its business page and profile. The approach can be realised through application of social media management equipment such as Buzzbundle which permits useful posting and monitoring of business pages as well as personal profiles.


ASOS is a reputable British e-fashion store whose online presence has been crucial to its growth and advancement. Campaigns such as ASOM and stylist promotions have resulted in increased digital presence. The prominent use of social media channels by ASOS rhymes with network theory whose focal point is on products, influencers and people. The company has efficiently used social media platforms for promotion. For instance, the operative facebook site helps in luring prospective clients. Similarly, the company has efficient social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. However, the company lags behind on the utilisation of Google+ adverts, whose improvement can be achieved through; increasing the number of daily updates, providing key links and, using social media management tools such as Buzzbundle. The enhanced customer digital experience is a factor to the fulfilment of customer requirements, an improved search of online commodities, and provision of online customer care and enabling client's making of practical choices. More so, the active customer's digital experience is due to the available simplified checkouts, involvement in capacity change through modern technology and, having lean and agile techniques where the company has emerged as a trendsetter.


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