The Girlfriend Experience

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Entertainment throughout History

Entertainment has existed for a long time in history. Its origins can be traced all the way back to creation and the beginning of life on Earth. It has evolved over time, starting with storytelling and expanding to play-acting, both oral and literary. The advent of technology has enabled the evolution of entertainment. Television, as a form of entertainment, has undergone a number of advancements, and it has recently taken society by storm. Nowadays, many viewers enjoy their time sitting and viewing numerous tv shows ranging from soap operas, mysteries, cops, medical dramas, comedies, and a host of series programs. The cumbersome nature of all television programs cannot be covered but by use of a single program, The Girlfriend Experience. The show tries to answer the girl child experiences and problems she encounters throughout her youthful life, both in college and workplace (Blythe and Alecky, 12).

Christine Reade's Journey in The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience, the main character, Christine Reade, a law student who acquires an internship at a prestigious law firm called Kirkland & Allen, is struggling with money to help her balance on workload, expenses and classes. Due to her desire for money, Christine learns that her friend, Avery has been working as an escort and soon she finds herself entering into a world of deception, loads of money, and desire. The show displays a strong feeling on what ladies go through in the society, more especially through peer pressure. In the story, Christine frequents offices, hotel rooms and restaurants in search of money through sex. The story is so touching, Christine allows herself to engage in sexual activities, not that she is naïve, guilty but only that she is curious, it’s her own decision she makes to engage in sexual activities to meet her life desires (Blythe and Alecky, 18).

The Target Audience

The show is intended to be watched by a family, grown up children who know the meaning of sexuality. Mostly from the ages of sixteen and thirty five. The Girlfriend Experience is based on a family setting, how they should relate to each other, the norms and values in the society. The show is meant to be watched evening times when people have retired from their normal work places and schools, more especially between 6.00pm and 9.00 pm. The show is more appealing since each time events unfolds and throughout the story there are conflicts which ensures continuity in the story (Gallagher and Mark, 29).

Sexuality and Family Values

Sexuality and family values are clearly shown by this story. In that Christine enters into a world of Transactional relationships, she deals with many clients, from Martin, Kevin, David, Kayla Dennis and many others. In her society this is not allowed. Her mother seriously argues with her about her activities. She even calls her selfish. Her mother seriously shares her disappointment which makes Christine to leave her home early the following day. Through the sexual video which was released online, only her father believes that it was sent by an ex-boyfriend, while the mother says Christine has always been selfish and wanted attention. This clearly shows how different values, actions and norms are viewed in the society (John, 31). There is a clear connection between the viewer relates the story and the real life situations. The various sexual activities experienced by Christine, right from her entry as an intern in a law firm, her sexual encounters with different clients, family breakups experienced, like David’s family break, online exposure of a sexual video between her and Jack, her suit of the company (Kirkland and Allen Firm), that there were harassment and hostile environmental conditions in the company and the subsequent compensation she receives clearly shows how dynamic life can be in the society.

Social Intactness and Family Love

The show clearly shows clear ideologies of what happens in the society. The show is a clear indication that in a society. Family love and values are at stake. There is a conflict in Christine family, various families are broken due to her actions. Through her actions, viewers can be able to learn the value of social intactness in the society especially in a family. The show tries to put a cross what needs to be done in the society. That sexuality should be treated with a lot of care and needs to be addressed clearly in the society. Love has clearly been addressed in the story. Being a human need families need to exercise it. In the story, even though Christine’s mother alludes that she is selfish, the father advices her that maybe the video was released online by annoyed ex-boyfriend, a clear indication that family love is paramount and the each family member should protect each other’s interests (Gallagher and Mark, 26).

Societal Norms and Behaviors

Christine’s life clearly shows the real world and how the society is made up of, What is good or bad in the society and the action which is to be taken whenever a person defects from doing the right thing in the society. In the story Michael's family is willing to expose him and Christine's escort work in an attempt to get her to stop pursuing the money from Michael's will. In another incidence, Christine is send away from her work place due to the online video leakage. Clearly this indicates that the society values certain norms and behaviors. She was exposed of her escort work in order for her to stop it and engage in a fruitful activity. In addition she was dismissed from her workplace to protect and uphold the company’s image (Campbell and Vincent, 22). In addition the story further shows how education is valued in the society. In that at law school, Christine's professor is worried about her number of absences, which prompted him to ask for her whereabouts.


Later towards the end of the story, David, Christine's one time client tries to reconcile with his family. David tries to make amends with his wife and repair their marriage. Late at night, David sits at his computer watching Christine's sex tape, which made him to realize his bad actions and involvement with escorts. This creates a similar real life in the society. David escaped from anomalies of the world and comes back to his senses. Christine’s life is full of humor and many problems. Even though she got a lot of money from her sexual activities, at no given time the story says that she was comfortable.

Christine’s actions, her sexual encounters for money, the various problems she faces throughout her sexual career clearly makes the show a success. Through the character viewers can learn of the various values, norms and conduct in the society. The Girlfriend Experience show has received positive reviews from its viewers (Campbell and Vincent, 22). The character Christine has been upheld by her serious performance as an escort and has been voted as one of the best shows in 2016.

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October 25, 2022


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